• Shadow Trackers heads up a night of spooky shows on Thursday, 10th November. (NITV)Source: NITV
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8 Nov 2016 - 11:22 AM  UPDATED 8 Nov 2016 - 11:28 AM

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Nation Without Borders

To celebrate the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Conference held at NITV this week, check out the best work from our fellow Indigenous broadcasters through this current affairs series available On Demand.

Who are the Indigenous Broadcasters around the world?
This week, NITV welcomes the delegates of the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters to the International conference to Gadigal Land, Sydney. But who are they and how do they contribute to ensuring Indigenous stories and voices have a place in the media market?
Nation Without Borders - Episode Guide
To celebrate the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Conference taking place in Sydney this week, NITV brings to you a fresh new current affairs series showcasing the issues facing our Indigenous brothers and sisters from around the world.

Best of Koori Knockout

Tuesday, 8th November 7.30pm

Relive the 2016 Koori Knockout with the footage from the Men's 3rd Round when the Moree Boomerangs face the Redfern All Blacks 1 and Bloodlines play the Taree Biripi Sharks.

Express Yourself

Tuesday, 8th November 8.00pm

Laugh yourself silly with the godfather of Indigenous stand-up comedy Sean Choolburra as he hosts this kick ass comedy series and showcases some of the hottest dancers the black community has ever seen.

AFL Summer

Tuesday, 8th November 9.30pm

Get in summer with some high octane footy from the Top End where the best players in the territory are joined by some big interstate signings for the wet season competition.

Afghan Cameleer Australia

Wednesday, 9th November 8.00pm

This beautiful documentary explores the historic relationship between the desert and Afghani immigrants in Aboriginal Australia.

Lost Bones - In Search of Sitting Bull

Wednesday, 9th November 9.30pm

Sitting Bull was a Hunkpapa Lakota chief and holy man who lead resistance against the invading Europeans on America's Great Plains. This documentary examines his accomplishments and the mystery of his final resting place.

Spooking Special: Thursday

Indians and Aliens: double episode

Thursday, 10th November 7.30pm

This short doco explores remarkable encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the vast, remote Cree territory of Northern Quebec.

Shadow Trackers

Thursday, 10th November 8.30pm

This week the Shadow Trackers duo Hunter and Zac, venture to the Kimberly in Bunuba country and the township of Fitzroy Crossing to investigate the Devil's Highway.

Uninhabited/Primal: movie double

Uninhabited, 9.30pm: While on the holiday of a lifetime Beth and Harry discover that the island they thought was deserted is home to a vengeful ghost.

Primal, 11.00pm: A group of friends travel into the bush to view ancient cave paintings but soon find a horrible sickness gripping one of their own, which leaves them with nothing in their mind but a primal blood lust.

Buffy Saint Marie

Saturday, 12th November 7.30pm

Buffy lights up the screen as this documentary offers privileged access to her life backstage, on reserves and at her home in Hawaii and mixes current performance footage with archival film.

Dreaming Lhasa

Saturday, 12th November 9.30pm

A stunning Tibetan-language film about a young Tibetan woman from New York City who comes to Dharamsala, the exile headquarters of the Dalai Lama in India, in search of her roots.

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