• Sue Hickey with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mayor Deidre Flint in New Norfolk (Twitter / @SueHickeyTas)Source: Twitter / @SueHickeyTas
The bar is set very high if Hobart is to enjoy Christmas, women's rights, ANZAC Day or other memorial events in the future...
Karina Marlow, Luke Pearson, Sophie Verass

13 Dec 2016 - 6:08 PM  UPDATED 14 Dec 2016 - 9:46 AM

The Lord Mayor of Hobart has criticised the proposed MONA plan to build a cultural precinct that acknowledges Tasmania's Aboriginal history and colonial conflict because, she reasoned, ‘she didn’t kill the Aborigines’. 

This seems very problematic for the city of Hobart if a criteria for action is one that the Lord Mayor has to have personally took part in the original event.


1. She didn’t kill Jesus

Guess the City of Hobart won’t be celebrating Easter next year. 


2. She didn’t arrive on the First Fleet

Perhaps - fortunately - Hobart will now join Fremantle on 28 January


3. She didn’t fight in World War I

There go all the ANZAC Day marches and War Memorials for the city of Hobart. 


4. She didn’t fight in the suffragette movement

At least the women in Tasmania won’t have to vote for her next run, what with their rights removed and all. 



5. She wasn’t at the nativity scene in Nazareth

Someone call Dr Seuss, there’s a new Grinch who stole Christmas


6. She wasn’t one of the nine sailors in 1945

Yacht race? More like, Sydney to Hobart 'not' race... 


7. She also wasn't an aquatic competitor in 1838

There goes your public holiday Hobart 


8. She didn’t think before saying ‘I didn’t kill the Aborigines’

If we are lucky this might mean that she doesn’t give any media quotes in future... 

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