• Eddie Jones and Glen Ella chat rugby on Awaken with Stan Grant. (NITV)Source: NITV
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16 Dec 2016 - 4:54 PM  UPDATED 16 Dec 2016 - 4:57 PM

NITV is a channel made by, for and about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Through us, you will discover a channel for all Australians. Be inspired and learn the true history and culture of Australia on NITV.

Going Places with Ernie Dingo

Sunday, 18th December 7.30pm

Ernie travels to Kakadu, takes a boat cruise up East Alligator River, meets photographer Louise, spends time with Trevor a ranger, and takes a helicopter with Steve originally a policeman.

Star Stories of the Dreaming

Sunday, 18th December 8.30pm

When the ancient wisdoms of the universe held by the oldest culture on earth meet modern astrophysics a new concept is born - cultural astronomy.

First Sunday

Sunday, 18th December 9.30pm

Durell and LeeJohn are best friends and bumbling petty criminals, told they have one week to pay a $17,000 debt or Durell will lose his son, they come up with a desperate scheme to rob their church.

Motorkite Dreaming

Monday, 19th December 7.30pm

This week Aidan tests his bush mechanics, the team take part in an ancient ritual and in the air, Daryl calms nervous Elsie, then they run out of fuel.

Shark Curry

Monday, 19th December 9.00pm

Follow the journey of WA cricketer Kavita Pepper from remote Shark Bay to the bustling cities of cricket loving India as part of the cricket tour of India by history making Australian Indigenous Women's team.

Broke Ass Game Show

Tuesday, 20th December 8.00pm

Comics David Magidoff and Derek Gaines hit the streets of New York to lure unsuspecting contestants into playing some seriously fun, twisted games that trade participants' dignity for cold hard cash.

Awaken: Talking Rugby

Tuesday, 20th December 9.00pm

Eddie Jones and Glen Ella sit down for an in depth talk about England's winning tactics, the challenges facing rugby union, the future of Indigenous players in the game and their club rugby days.

In the Shadow of the Sun

Wednesday, 21st December 8.00pm

Ukerewe Island in Tanzania is home to a large community of people who live with albinism. Told over the course of five years, In the Shadow Of The Sun tells the story of two members of this community.

Village at the End of the World

Wednesday, 21st December 9.30pm

Village At The End Of The World is a witty, surprising and ultimately feel good portrait of an isolated village of 59 people and 100 sledge dogs, surviving against the odds.

Do the Right Thing

Thursday, 22nd December 9.30pm

On the hottest day of the year on a street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, everyone's hate and bigotry smolders and builds until it explodes into violence.

The Wiz

Friday, 23rd December 7.30pm

An Motown adaptation of "The Wizard of Oz" that captures the essence of the African American experience and stars Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.