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For many, the booze-fueled shenannigans and plethora of Australian flag capes, Australian flag thongs, Australian flag hats and Australian flag flags can make January 26 a stressful time for those who like to remain low key on the public holiday.
Luke Pearson, Sophie Verass

25 Jan 2017 - 6:12 PM  UPDATED 26 Jan 2017 - 2:03 PM

If you're looking for a way to mark the day from the comfort of your own home, there are still a number of activities you can get involved in.


1. Read 

For those of who prefer to avoid the rallies, public talks and crowds, but are still hoping to gain some knowledge about the date, there's great reading material online, including:

Eight alternative days to celebrate Australia Day that are not January 26
Australia is a beautiful nation that deserves to be celebrated. But January 26, the day the first fleet arrived to our shores, marks the start of a dark period in Indigenous history. So here are eight alternative days which we can all be proud of.

Australia Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day: What's in a name?
Survival Day? Australia Day? Invasion Day? Feeling confused yet? We explain the history and meaning behind these different names for January 26.

10 things you should know about January 26
As the highly political 26 January approaches, here are some important historical moments (beyond the First Fleet)

COMMENT: Australia Day is dead, long live Australia Day
Fremantle has reopened discussions around the appropriateness of the chosen date for 'Australia Day', but Luke Pearson thinks it provides Australia with a good opportunity to explore who we are and what we as a nation stand for.

Here are a list of NITV and SBS articles discussing January 26th. 

Or you can curl up with a book from one of these great Indigenous publishing houses.


2. Listen 

Check out our Top 20 recommended songs to listen to on January 26, 

Listening is a critical skill if you want to understand other people's perspectives and importantly try and understand where they are coming from. Take some time this public holiday to listen to the diversity of Indigenous Australia. Some pioneers of the twitter-sphere include,


3. Watch 

Rise and shine. Brought to you from North Head in Sydney, Ernie Dingo takes us on an emotional journey that expresses Australia's First Peoples' resilience and the strong connection to Country and on another. Live from 6.00am EDST the program will include the performances and smoking ceremony. 

The NITV News team will be out-and-about around the country this Jan 26, broadcasting the latest stories on the national day. Our channel will also bring you thought-provoking documentaries and films that highlight a variety of Aboriginal perspectives.  

In a unique style of broadcast, NITV is producing special 4 hour video podcast covering issues and events throughout the day. Have a yarn with Miss Ellaneous, Ernie Dingo, Amelia Telford and other deadly guests live, as they chat about national identity. Join the conversation - like, comment and contribute via. Facebook Live on the Living Black Facebook page or on the NITV website.


4. Share

While there may be an enormous amount of interesting debate in Aboriginal affairs out there, many people have trouble accessing these resources. Share links, articles and give shoutouts to those voices you think people should be listening to.

Here are a few ideas,

Deadly Indigenous people to watch in 2017
They made their mark in 2016 and this year, a number of actors, sports stars and activists across Aboriginal Australia and the Torres Strait are set to build on their success.

Five inspirational artists to accelerate their career
Five Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts professionals have this week been selected to undertake a leadership skills development programme.

7 young creative women worth Googling today
To celebrate International Women’s Day today, we celebrate the talents of seven inspiring young women. From writing, dancing, blogging, painting, theatre, modeling, acting and activism – a new crop of women are telling stories in a way that’s all their own.

12 deadly Indigenous Australian social media users to follow

Inspirational Indigenous Australian TedX talks


5. Support

Shop online! Find an Indigenous-owned business or organisation to support with your patronage or an Indigenous run cause to donate to or volunteer your time with. 

Indigenous not-for-profits who would love your support this X-MAS
Rather than braving the shopping malls this holiday season, there are plenty of awesome local charities awaiting your generosity.

10 ways to #BuyIndigenous these holidays
The Indigenous-owned digital agency Ngakkan Nyaagu (NGNY) has been championing the hashtag #BuyIndigenous over this holiday season to encourage us to support our First Nations businesses.

From postnatal depression to family violence: A story of survival and success
Sharon Winsor, founder of indigiearth, tells her emotional story of surviving family violence to becoming the CEO of one of Australia's most sought after brands.


Discover more about Indigenous Australia with NITV's #AlwaysWillBe, an interactive line-up of truth, tradition and expression.

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