• Tuka from Thundamental's lyrics for 'Change The Date' (Barbra McGrady/NITV)Source: Barbra McGrady/NITV
Some of the biggest names in Australian hip hop are calling out this controversial date. #ChangeTheDate is an innovative new track, debuting in 360 VR for NITV's #AlwaysWillBe
Karina Marlow

24 Jan 2017 - 12:11 PM  UPDATED 24 Jan 2017 - 12:12 PM



Trying to tell me we ain't going to budge cos it's hurting our


We don't want to think about a couple hundred years of


Drive it like we stole it, never give an inch

The f*** are we kidding?

That ain't Wentworth Falls that is just them

White tears spilling

What side are you sitting?




This might fall on def ears 

but cuz we're a custom to it

another death here, in custody

nothing to it


But it's murder come on now just tell the truth

go and have a look at what they did to Miss Dhu

We said in 0'12 a change is gunna come

five years late I think its f**k*n over due

tell ya what I'm a do


I'm a steal the endeavor

give em armageddon

then I'm a tell 'em get over it


Now who lining up for them benefits

my people die now who benefit?

I might burn a flag for the hell of it

I've been through hell and back I'm in my element

Talk about ANZACS but ignore what's relevant

push out the blacks leave 'em all in the deficit

I'm tryna live but theres to much death in it


Tasman Keith

Murder murder, murder they drew black blood white page & a burner for who,

never converted so my verses always versing with you,

mission fill the prison livin' with the blackest of views.. ahh..


On Janaree two six, I'm pullin' up with the embassy on my 72 shit,

my summary could book some whole Mob deep change what son it's all a shook one...

all they took from, all the crooks run, captain cook dead who I am mistook one...


I am the dry land and the lap lap, demand the man to stand face to black facts,

fade to black tracks, make the whack lack days celebratin' for a nation without back..

sick of f**k*n waitin' for reparations we pacin', invasion and stolen children keep a country so complacent



Jeswon (Thundamentals)

Some say what's in a date?

Some say what's in a name?

Australia day

Invasion day

Homie that's one and the same

And I ain't pointing no fingers

I ain't throwing no blame

Just saying that we can do better

You know that it's time for a change

Watch the Change The Date Video Here
NITV's 3LACK60 Sessions: #ChangeTheDate
Some of Australia’s best hip hop artists have come together thanks to NITV, Elefant Traks and Bad Apples to produce an original song ‘Change the Date’, and an accompanying 360 degree VR experience.


Kaylah Truth

Annual - black family at the march

While my white fam celebrate on the charge

Got the J's on the tunes

Holiday's an excuse

BBQ'in and booze

Patriots comin through

Do I start the convo? Or will it kill the mood?

The flag and the date - who does it include?

Seperatin' us like a Hogwarts hat

We need action not magic! Signed, Serious Black.



It started on the 26th

See we all a bunch of immigrants

But if you African, Arab, Asian or Indian

They say you gotta join the party to be citizen

Huh And carry the legacy of invasion

Huh, Man, I ain't celebrating

There's no justification or persuasion

Other than, understand the date needs changing


Sally (Coda Conduct)

So we say we think forward but we choose to back

The dudes reppin' King George and the Union Jack

We're so used to distorting the truth from fact

And beginning our story with a blue flag.

If you put a few snags and a goon sack in 'em

Then everybody loves an opinion

But when your brothers and sisters sayin’ something’s amiss

It’s no ifs, no buts, just listen


Ozi Batla

Why not break in to your neighbour's house and WAIT on his couch

And make a cup of tea and watch some tele while he's out

And see how that goes down


Tuka (Thundamentals)

Kiss the scars of our black histories past

Words to warriors

Bless their resistant hearts

Jan 26

White man missed his mark

Check it

I am not fan of it
 in fact

I will not stand for this cause on this day

One love got ripped apart

Dismantled then put on display



They love it when I talk about my pain,

hate it when a brother see change,

change the date, I'd rather change the game,

cause ain't sh** changed since the day they came.


Black lives turn to black matter,

clap sticks clap to the rhythm of a cocked back hammer clap bang,

here go another officer locking up another one of us like a popular fun thing to do,

another genocide on the BBQ,

they say that their party is a far cry from apartheid

but they still find it hard to divide the two,

and I'm an A.B. Original baby, wave that flaggy yayer,

now eat that sh** and pay me, Lest We Forget Invasion…


Erica (Coda Conduct)

I remember when I was a young kid, learned how to read and write, learned history and long division

But it took a long time before I figured out that we got a history of long division

And listen, I didn't know then cos they didn't teach me

If I don't know now, you know who's to blame

There isn't a reason to keep on like this

Stand up, choose a new date



You can try tell me 'bout everything, everything that you've thought up

'Bout not changing dates, but if anything you are coming up shorter

I know this will come at a price-uh

But it's only a small sacrifice-uh

As soon as the others open their hearts and open their eyes we will rise up!


Discover more about Indigenous Australia with NITV's #AlwaysWillBe, an interactive line-up of truth, tradition and expression. 

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