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If you were hiding under a rock yesterday, not only would you have pleased Barnaby Joyce, but you might have missed out on some significant moments around the country.
Sophie Verass

27 Jan 2017 - 2:35 PM  UPDATED 27 Jan 2017 - 2:50 PM


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COMMENT: Anthems for our Australian Song
COMMENT: Tanya Orman, NITV's Channel Manager, reflects on the significance of January 26th and explains NITV's #alwayswillbe festival.

OPINION: Invasion Day, Survival Day, or Day of Mourning? All of the above
Over the years I have referred to it as all of these, and I think the choice I make reflects a bit about the mood I am in at that time, where I am at in life, and where Australia is in general.

Some Aussies are staying at work to protest Australia Day
Not everyone's taking the public holiday off.


Sunrise Ceremony

Brought to you from North Head in Sydney, Ernie Dingo takes us on an emotional journey that expresses Australia’s First Peoples' resilience and our connection to Country and one another.


3LACK60 Sessions

Some of Australia’s best hip hop artists came together thanks to NITV, Elefant Traks and Bad Apples to produce an original song ‘Change the Date’, and an accompanying 360 degree VR experience.


NITV across the nation

NITV journos spread from Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and more




In Pictures: Tens of thousands attend Melbourne's Invasion day rally
Upon arrival at the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne mid-morning, it seemed that the police would outnumber the protesters. But as time passed, hundreds of people turned up for a welcome to country, speeches and a minute's silence for those ancestors gone before. By the afternoon, the story had changed to that of a march which made history.

Image Gallery: Brisbane's record-breaking Invasion Day march
A record number of protestors have taken part in Brisbane's Invasion Day march, led by activist group Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance.


So much on social media

Top trending hashtags throughout the day included #AlwaysWillBe (NITV), #ChangeTheDate, #SurvivalDay #InvasionDay2017, #noprideingenocide, #AustraliaDay and #triplejhottest100 and of course, #straya

NITV explains January 26 

Combating the myth of Terra Nullis, talking about 1938 and getting different perspectives of the day

10 things you should know about January 26
As the highly political 26 January approaches, here are some important historical moments (beyond the First Fleet)



Things that raised the eyebrows of the nation...

Whoever did this

A casual gathering of up to 50,000 people in Melbourne

The diversity of support

This everyday hero

Wiradjuri Elder leads Villawood protest against mandatory detention
Not all demonstrations on January 26 have centred on Indigenous rights. A small group of protestors gathered outside Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney’s west this morning, to call for an end to mandatory detention.

This sad event

Yas Queen

This tomato 


Best of the Blackbox 

Last night's these thought-provoking films and documentaries can be accessed On Demand

Beneath the Clouds

Winner of the 2002 AFI and IF Award for Best Director and Best Cinematography, this film tells the story of Lena, the daughter of an Aboriginal mother and an Irish father; and Vaughn, a Murri boy doing time in a minimum security prison in North West NSW. Dramatic events throw the pair together and with no money or transport, they find themselves relying on each other in order to achieve their personal journeys. To Lena, Vaughn represents the life she is running away from and Vaughn, believes Lena embodies the society that has rejected him. Directed by Ivan Sen and stars Dannielle Hall (in her AFI and IF nominated role) and Damian Pitt.


Jedda is an orphaned Arrernte baby who is adopted by a white family. Jedda grows up, confused over her heritage and place in the world.


88 charts the historic events that led up to the grassroots mobilization of Indigenous communities throughout Australia to gather in protest against Australia Day in Sydney. 


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Meet Katherine's First Indigenous Australia Day Ambassador
Wiradjuri man and Indigenous Australia Day ambassador, Jake Gablonski is proving to be a strong voice for equality in Australia as he speaks about making a positive difference for troubled youth in the NT.
The NT Australian of the year finalist giving hope to fellow Indigenous women
Indigenous leader and business woman Andrea Mason is the Northern Territory’s finalist for the top gong this Australia Day.
Jenny Munro brings Indigenous issues to forefront of Women’s March
Aboriginal activist and elder Jenny Munro was among a headline of speakers at the Women’s March on Sydney – highlighting the many issues facing Indigenous peoples in Australia today.