Carly 'CeeJay' Wallace has been making some hilarious and witty videos online just for fun for a while now, but her latest video has just reached over 200,000 views!
NITV Staff Writer

15 Mar 2017 - 3:46 PM  UPDATED 15 Mar 2017 - 5:13 PM

Carly Wallace, aka CJay, is a Dulguburra Yidinji woman from Far North Queensland, now based in Brisbane. 

Carly began her career in media with TAIMA Radio 4k1g in Townsville at 19 as a volunteer and then became their breakfast announcer a few years after before starting with ABC as a producer in 2011. She left this role to look after her (then) 13 year old brother when her mother passed away. She has since worked on ABC Radio, with NITV, and most recently as a National Presenter for AIME. 

In her spare time though, Carly has been making short funny videos online, mostly with Indigenous audiences in mind, like Hanging out with your White friends V's hanging with your Blackfulla Friends! which currently has over 80,000 views,

and 'Ignorant stereotypes light skinned Aboriginal people are sick of hearing said to them and what we think in return' with just over 150,000 views.

But her most recent video, 'If blackfullas had their own airline company, Indigenous airlines' has topped the list with 212,000 views and counting since it was posted online barely a week ago. 

"It is mainly for Indigenous people and I make jokes with mob in mind, they are my core audience. There are lots of non-Indigenous people as well though, here and overseas, which I think is awesome. Anyone who is up for a laugh and wants to watch them is welcome." Carly told NITV when we asked what she had in mind when making her videos.

Carly has been blown away by the unexpected success of her videos, saying she only started making videos for herself and her friends for a bit of fun. Since then though, she has watched her following grow and quickly moved from posting her videos on her personal Facebook account and created the CJay's Vines page. Most recently she has decided to start posting more videos on Youtube.

The combination of cracked black humour and a few fun snapchat filters seems to be working so far, and no doubt will continue to grow in followers and in laughter.

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