• These are my 5 tips to support you in year 10. (NITV)Source: NITV
Kiyan Murphy, Wakka Wakka youth and current year 10 student from Lismore, has been interning with NITV for the past week as part of his work experience for school. As a part of National Youth Week, Kiyan wanted to share his Top Five hints and tips for surviving Year 10.
Kiyan Murphy

5 Apr 2017 - 1:36 PM  UPDATED 5 Apr 2017 - 1:36 PM

I have just finished my first term of year 10 and I can tell you that it’s not the easiest of years as you will be bombarded with tests, assignments, dealing with friends and family, or just being hit with four assessments at once. These little tips may or may not fix your problem but they may just help you cope with them.

I know you have heard these all before but everyone will tell you this because it’s true so: here are my top five tips to support you in year 10.

Get support when you need it

Don’t keep your problems to yourself. I know you have heard this from so many people but this is the best piece of advice you will get. Trust me, I had suffered in silence all of year 9 and that led me to suffer from Anxiety and Depression, so don’t keep problems to yourself talk to a parent, teacher or seek counseling it really helps.


If you need help please contact:


Plan your time

Time is a wild beast, tame it. You may not always get the time you need so come up with an efficient schedule so that you hand in all of your homework and assessments on time. Do this now because you’re getting closer to the end of school and if you don’t hand something in on time you will loses marks. Not managing your time will lead to stress anxiety and pressure as you will not have enough time to do as good on one assessment as you did on another assessment.

Stay true to yourself

In year 10 this is the year where you and your friends are changing, finding themselves, maturing (or not), and this means that some old friendships may start to fall apart and some new ones will be formed. Don't be too scared about this, but make sure you stay true to yourself, respect others as they are going through the same thing as you, and importantly, make sure you always have someone to talk to.

Get real world experience

If the option arises take any and every opportunity to build on your knowledge in your chosen topic. A part time job that has some aspects of what you want to do when you leave school or go to TAFE can help, or even just take part in work experience like I have.

Study. Study. Study!

My final tip is the one everyone hates to hear but I have to say it. STUDY. It will help you in the long run so you will get into the habit for when you are in year 12. You don’t have to do much you only have to do a maximum of half an hour a night even if you don’t have homework, because you always have homework. STUDY is your unassigned homework.

Well there you go my top 5 tips to help you through your school years, and please take my advice it will really help you.