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Here is the episode guide for NITV's latest TV series, Little J and Big Cuz, which is the first animated kids show to feature Indigenous Australians and their culture.
Laura Morelli

19 May 2017 - 6:45 PM  UPDATED 19 May 2017 - 6:45 PM

Little J, he’s five and Big Cuz, she’s nine. They’re a couple of Indigenous Australian kids living with their Nanna and Old Dog. Little J and Big Cuz are busy with the ups and downs of playground and classroom. There’s always something surprising going on whether it’s at school, in the backyard...or beyond. The gaps in Nanna’s ramshackle fence lead to Saltwater, Desert and Freshwater Country. With the help of Nanna and their teacher Ms Chen, Little J and Big Cuz are finding out all about culture, community and country.


EPISODE ONE: Lucky Undies

Little J’s new undies have special powers – so how can he play basketball without them? After a run of good luck, especially the change to play in the big kids’ basketball game, Levi convinces Little J that his bright new undies have special powers. So how can Little J possibly play after Old Dog chews the Lucky Undies to bits?



Big Cuz tricks Little J into believing that the Giant Wombat is not extinct.

The thing is, if you trick Big Cuz – she’ll always trick you back! Little J and Levi are astonished to find footprints from the extinct Giant Wombat, unaware they’ve been fooled. But maybe the tracks will lead to something truly amazing.



Little J frets that his dreams of being an acrobat is not the RIGHT dream.

Little J dreams of being an acrobat, while the other kids want to be rescue workers like Uncle Mick. When Jacko and B Boy join Little J’s backyard circus, they try to persuade Little J to put on a show, but he’s worried about being laughed at.


EPISODE FOUR: Right Under Your Nose

On their quest to the beach, Little J, Nanna and Big Cuz struggle to find what they need before sunset.

When the power goes off, Nanna takes the kids to the beach to catch a feed and cook it in a fire pit. But will Big Cuz ever hook that fish and will Little J find that extra special something for Show and Tell?


EPISODE FIVE: Goanna Ate My Homework

Little J gets confused hunting bush tucker when he follows his own tracks.

Little J boasts he can find bush tucker for the whole school. The plan backfires when he tracks his own footprints. Luckily, Nanna shows him ‘proper way’, but a sneaky Goanna steals the bush tucker. What’s Little J going to take to school now?



When the ‘big kids’ won’t play with him, Little J creates a tantalising adventure, in the backyard.

Little J is sure Sissy has come to play with Big Cuz and him. Shocked when he’s not included in the girls’ game, Nanna urges Little J to come up with his own game. But can he create something enticing enough to make Sissy and Big Cuz want to play with him?



When B Boy comes to stay, Little J is miffed – until they work together caring for an injured baby kangaroo.

Little J is put out when B Boy comes to stay. But when the boys rescue an injured kangaroo ‘joey’, they’re going to have to get along so they can take good care of bay Hopalong.


EPISODE EIGHT: Where’s Aaron?

Aaron the class mascot is missing. and Little J fears he’s lost in the desert.

Little J’s desert adventure with class mascot Aaron, the footy doll is a great success. But next morning, Aaron is missing. It seems Little J has lost Aaron. Will Uncle Mick be able to safely rescue Aaron?


EPISODE NINE: Old Monster Dog

Little J is convinced there’s a real live monster in the backyard.

Little J enlists Levi’s help to build a monster trap in the backyard, convinced that the scary growling pink shape he saw in the dark is a monster. But why is Old Dog missing – and where is Nanna’s pink dressing gown?


EPISODE TEN: Transformation

Can Big Cuz face dancing in front of the school, and will Little J ever see his caterpillar again?

Little J is upset when his precious caterpillar disappears. But Big Cuz is even more upset – Sissy has arranged for the two of them to dance in front of the whole school. Can she ever find the courage?


EPISODE ELEVEN: Nothing Scares Me

Little J knows there’s something that scares him but he’s even more scared of being found out.

Little J is thrilled to be at the beach with his hero Uncle Mick. When Little J gets stranded on a rocky outcrop he can’t possibly let on that he’s scared of heights. But maybe Uncle Mick has something he’s scared of to…



Big Cuz and Little J must put aside their differences to outwit a territorial magpie.

Big Cuz is fed up with Little J messing up her side of the room, so she creates a border that he is not allowed to cross. But when the backyard is taken over by a swooping magpie, the kids must unite to outwit him.


EPISODE THIRTEEN: Night Owl and Morning Maggie

Fascinated by an owl in the backyard, Little J turns nocturnal with disastrous results.

Little J becomes nocturnal to watch a barking owl in the backyard. But the next day he’s exhausted – and falls asleep at ridiculous times and in strange places. Now it looks like he’s going to sleep through all the fun of the sleepover…


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