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The draw from the Koori Knockout 2017 has been picked - who's up against one another?
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28 Sep 2017 - 3:14 PM  UPDATED 28 Sep 2017 - 3:29 PM

Men's Draw List

Queanbeyan Canberra United Vs BYE

Cabbage Tree Island 2 Vs BYE

Comeback Dreaming Vs BYE

Maitland United Vs Bourke Warriors  9:00AM SAT (Field 1)

Googars Vs 7. La Perouse Panthers 9:00AM SAT(Field 2)

Lapa Bummers Vs Newcastle Yowies 9:00AM SAT (Field 3)

Central Coat United Vs Northern Goannas  9:50AM SAT (Field 1)

Cabbage Tree Island 1 Vs Newcastle Emus 9:50AM SAT (Field 2)

Newcastle All Blacks NAB Vs Albury Wodonga Munyaas 9:50AM SAT (Field 3)

Mt Druitt All Blacks Vs Waterloo Next Generation 10:40AM SAT(Field 1)

Tweed Connexions Vs Walgett (The Gate) 10:40AM SAT (Field 2)

Narwan Eels Blue Vs Bloodlines 10:40AM SAT (Field 3)

Moree Boomerangs 1 Vs Lake Macquarie Stingrays 12:00PM SAT (Field 1)

Castlereagh All Blacks Vs Waterloo Storm 12:00PM SAT (Field 2)

Nanedewar Wedgetails Vs Blacktown Western Warriors 12:00PM SAT (Field 3)

Walgett Aboriginal Connection Vs Southcoast United 12:50PM SAT (Field 2)

Narwan Eels Gold Vs BYE

Cubawee Connections Vs BYE

Toomelah Tigers Vs BYE

Yuin Monaro United Vs Taree Buripi Sharks 12:50PM SAT (Field 3)

Erambie All Blacks Vs RAB 1 12:50PM SAT (Field 1)

Wiradjuri Warriors Vs Combined Countries 1:40PM SAT (Field 1)

Narrandera Wiradjuri Warriors Vs Dhinawan Birragal/Toomelah 1:40PM SAT (Field 2)

Nambucca Rams Vs Moree Boomerangs 2 1:40PM SAT (Field 3)

South West Metro Vs Gundungarra Goannas 2:30PM SAT (Field 1)

Dubbo Pacemakers Vs Dindima 2:30PM SAT (Field 2)

Ecovic Southern Serpents Vs NSW Outbacks 2:30PM SAT (Field 3)

Illawarra Titans Vs Toomelah Descendents 3:20PM SAT (Field 1)

Campbelltown Ghosts Vs Cultural Brothers United 3:20PM SAT (Field 2)

Namina Common Connection Vs RAB 2 3:20PM SAT (Field 3)

Griffith Three Ways United Vs Mungindi Grasshoppers 4:10PM SAT (Field 1)

Kempsey United Vs Dunghutti Broncos 4:10PM SAT (Field 2)



 Women's Draw List

Yuin Fitt Vs BYE

Wellington Wedgetails Vs BYE

Queanbeyan Canberra United Vs BYE

Western Sydney United Vs BYE

Riverina Sistas Vs Gular Giddyuaris 2:00PM FRI (Field 1)

BLK Southern Serpents United Vs Dunghutti Jindas 2:00PM FRI (Field 2)

Come back Dreaming Vs Castlereagh All Blacks 2:00PM FRI (Field 3)

Kawal Dreaming (Jacks) Vs Narwanettes 2:00PM FRI (Field 4)

Newcastle Emus Vs BYE

Campbelltown Ghosts Vs BYE

Red Belly Blacks Vs BYE

Hunter Coast Tiddas Vs BYE

Moree Boomerangs RLFC Vs Newcastle Yowies 2:40PM FRI (Field 3)

Lapa Lovelies Vs Waterloo Storm 2:40PM FRI (Field 2)

Namina Common Connection Vs RAB 1 2:40PM FRI (Field 1)

Maitland United Vs Taree Biripi Sharks 2:40PM FRI (Field 4)



Under 17’s Draw List

Barwon United Swans Vs BYE

Kempsey Vs BYE

Western Sydney Red Belly Blacks Vs BYE

Illawarra Titans Vs BYE

Waterloo Storm Vs Central Coast United 8:40AM FRI (Field 3)

Campbelltown Ghosts Vs La Perouse Panthers 9:20AM FRI (Field 1)

Maitland United Vs Tingha Native Tigers 9:20AM FRI (Field 2)

Combined Countries Vs Mungindi Grasshoppers 9:20AM FRI (Field 3)


Queanbeyan Canberra United Vs BYE

Toomelah Tigers Vs BYE

Kamilaroi Goannas Vs Wiradjuri United 9:20AM FRI (Field 4)

Original Boomerangs United Vs Ngaku Warriors 10:00AM FRI (Field 1)

Gomeroi Roos Vs Southern Serpents United 10:00AM FRI (Field 2)

Taree Biripi Sharks Vs Kempsey Sharks 10:00AM FRI (Field 3)

Bundjalung Baygal RLFC Vs Western Koori Eels 10:00AM FRI (Feild 4)

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