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Cosmetics retailer LUSH has said they are standing in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and acknowledge the trauma and pain current celebrations cause. They have launched an in-store and social media campaign.
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24 Jan 2018 - 11:31 AM  UPDATED 25 Jan 2018 - 1:30 PM

The known beauty store for bathbombs, handmade cosmetics and ethical campaigning, international cosmetics retailer LUSH has announced they are running a campaign in all 35 Australian stores and on social media channels to start a conversation in support of changing the date of Australia Day. 

Let's Celebrate Australia - on a different day, aims to acknowledge that there are many perspectives on what 26 January means to different Australians, including the dispossession of Australia's First People. Their new campaign aims to open a dialogue about the 'many things worth celebrating about Australia', but recognise that the 26 January isn't representative of such things.

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Peta Granger, LUSH Australia and New Zealand Director said, "We believe in celebrating Australia and all its diversity, but on a day that brings everyone together. 

"We are advocating for a change to the current date of 26 January [sic] in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to acknowledge the trauma and pain the current celebrations cause. 

"We ask other businesses and individuals to join the move towards a more fair and respectful celebration by changing the date of Australia Day."

"We ask other businesses and individuals to join the move towards a more fair and respectful celebration by changing the date of Australia Day." 

LUSH identify as a 'campaigning company' who believes in "standing up for animal rights, protecting the environment and supporting humanitarian causes". Their company ethos is stated to be practiced through activism and charitable giving. They have been known to support causes such as, fighting against animal testing, reducing packaging and waste, supporting permaculture, defying beauty standards and supporting and collaborating with grassroots charities. 

Their new campaign has been established alongside Change It Ourselves, a resource website for supporters of #ChangeTheDate. And they will also be donating to the National Aboriginal Sporting Change Academy (NASCA), an organisation who designs programs that actively work toward health and prosperity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. 

Beyond a store and social media campaign LUSH have also stated that - based on staff feedback - by 2019, they will develop an internal policy on Australia Day to allow staff the option to take off a different day to celebrate Australia Day. Most stores will continue to be open for trade on 26 January.

"Changing the date helps us step closer to properly addressing issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today."

LUSH official released their campaign this week and it has been met with both, praise from the public and critism.

Some individuals are saying that they're going to boycott the retailer and feel that businesses should not have a political agenda.  

"Personally I find this disgusting that a cosmetics company is trying to engage in political ideals. This makes me want to not buy your products at all no matter how good they are. Just because your company's [sic] employees believe this should be changed. It [sic] does NOT mean that you need to parade it all over social media trying to change Australian culture which is non of your business and you all need to stick to making cosmetics," one Instagramer commented. 

Others have welcomed the campaign and its message, saying they will support the retailer as a brand and company.  

"Kudos to you Lush and particularly ... your marketing team who has patiently and professionally addressed feedback for a stance that really requires no explanation at all. Anyone who truly respects your brand ethos, which you have upheld for two decades will understand and support your dedication to listening to the voices of our Aboriginal peoples [sic]", another Instagrammer commented. 

The statement issued by LUSH said, "Changing the date helps us step closer to properly addressing issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today. In further evolving Australia Day, we can help change what celebrating Australia means for the First Nations peoples. We can also acknowledge Australia's history accurately and for what it is, so that we can move forward together."

While many Indigenous people campaign for #ChangeTheDate and agree with its sentiments, there are some who have come forward in support of keeping the day. 

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