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Opinions and observations - black women who dominate the Twittersphere are entertaining and educating.
Natalie Cromb

8 Mar 2018 - 3:27 PM  UPDATED 8 Mar 2018 - 3:31 PM

Black women are awesome.

Opinionated and fearless, Indigenous Australia is not short of social commentators, critical thinkers and downright hilarious columnists. Especially when lead by a strong female voice.

On International Women’s Day, we're championing some queens of the keyboard; 10 brilliant, opinionated black women who you need to follow.


Evelyn Araluen

The deadly Bundjalung poet, educator, activist and PHD candidate Evelyn Araluen really needs no introduction, particularly having just won the Judith Wright poetry prize (and took out third place for good measure). She is a staunch advocate for mob and champions the sisterhood fiercely. A true force of nature with such delicate weaving of words to create a fiercely visceral impact.

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Tarneen Onus Williams

This powerful woman has a courage well beyond her years, which probably means that ancestors are sitting there with her weathering the storm of her 2018 Invasion Day speech in Naarm.

Yigar Gunditj, Bindal, Erub Mur Islander woman Tarneen Onus Williams who was one of the organisers for the incredible record breaking rally gave an evocative speech, which metaphor that was used caused a storm of abuse (namely from fragile people who cling to a false national identity). The way this unflinching woman carried herself throughout this period is nothing short of brave, given the level and nature of abuse levelled at her.

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Teela Reid

Wiradjuri and Wailwan lawyer and activist Teela Reid is a vocal supporter of reform and Indigenous people having a voice in how this country is governed. She is a former Indigenous youth delegate to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and was the first Aboriginal person to be elected on the UNSW Law Society as Vice-President (Social Justice). She was the Inaugural recipient of the NSW Indigenous Barristers Trust award. 

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Celeste Liddle

Arrernte union organiser, feminist, writer and smasher of the patriarchy Celeste Liddle uses her voice to raise the profile of issues affecting black women and her inimitable wit to give life to ideas. An advocate for ending systematic violence against Aboriginal women, Celeste created a harrowing, but important 'numbering the victims' list.

Celeste's blog and social accounts create a space where women feel safe to share and engage. If any of those alt-right men's rights mob get onto her page she shows them exactly why we all love her – she unapologetically hands them their bags and tells them to go.

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Leesa Watego

From starting Deadly Bloggers in 2009, the Murri educator, disrupter, writer and creative thinker Leesa Watego is now the Director of Iscariot Media - a Brisbane-based creative studio specialising in Indigenous, creative and online projects. She has worked as an academic at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University in Indigenous Art and Protocols with a particular focus on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property, and uses her voice and space created to champion Indigenous communication, education and the arts.

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Amy McQuire

South Sea Darumbal journalist Amy McQuire has a dedicated and loyal following of readers who look to her for the truth on Indigenous Affairs. Her investigative journalism sees her sink deep into investigations that uncover the confronting truth about life as a black person living in Australia. She is currently working on a particularly critical investigation into the case of Kevin Henry.

She is a tireless journalist who is unapologetic in her advocacy for her people.

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Nayuka Gorrie

This woman! Kurnai/Gunai, Gunditjmara, Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta writer, advocate and all around social media badass Nayuka Gorrie is by far the most entertaining Twitter account in Australia. She effortlessly gives verbal smack downs to the ignorant, while also making us laugh as she recounts entertaining moments of her life. She is an incredible advocate for the LGBTQI community – particularly mob. She walks the talk, and calls out the hypocrites and does so with the finesse, we know should ultimately be trademarked.

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Claire G. Coleman

Wirlomin Noongar writer and warrior of languages Claire G. Coleman is a skilled and evocative writer with her new novel Terra Nullius being Longlisted for the 2018 Stella Prize. Clearly, she wastes no time on pretence – she wants her readers to feel and to empathise and use her linguistic artistry to make people think.

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Nakkiah Lui

Gamilaroi and Torres Strait Islander playwright, author, actor, activist and recently, Vogue model Nakkiah Lui is a star. She writes and stars in comedic gold like Black Comedy, Kiki and Kitty and her play Black is the New White but also lends herself to the serious conversations when they are needed – frequently schooling the conservative and privileged lot on how to stay in their lane.

A swathe of plays, television shows and stories under her belt, we are left wondering how in the world she found the time to glam up for Vogue in a recently feature on black feminism. Either way – we are glad because it leaves us entertained and inspired. Ok sis, time to take a nap though – you’re making us tired.

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Lynore K.Geia

Bwgcolman Woman woman born and raised on Palm Island, with a passion for Indigenous health and building family strength Dr Lynore Geia’s passion to work with community has extended into the use of social media for public health activism and advocacy. She frequently writes about the need for there to be systemic change to bring about better health outcomes for Indigenous people and the need for Indigenous people to be in the driver’s seat for the change.

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Natalie Cromb is a Gamilaroi writer and legal professional. She is also a fiercely opinionated black woman with an active Twitter account. Follow Natalie @NatalieCromb