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Australian native foods have a 60,000 year legacy of bringing about health and wellness, let's use them this winter.
Rebecca Sullivan

19 Jul 2018 - 1:54 PM  UPDATED 29 Oct 2019 - 3:01 PM

Winter has well and truly arrived, but with lazy weekends rugged up in blankets and Uggies, that also means the dreaded colds and flus are flying around. But unfortunately, the strategic ducks and dives to avoid the coughs and sneezes of our friends, family and fellow commuters isn't enough, and we have to take preventative and remedial action.   

Australia is home to some remarkable native superfoods that can keep the flu away at bay (and taste delicious!)


Kakadu Plum 

We already know this small fruit is the highest source of Vitamin C on the planet, so why aren't we using it more?

Kakadu Plum is most accessible sold in power form, and teaspoon a day keeps the doctor away. It's potent Vitamin C makes it useful for those travelling and feeling run down or exposed to some spluttery kids. Take it in your morning juice, smoothie or in a little warm water with some grated ginger, black pepper. You can also make an intense immunity shot with a little orange just, just fill as a shot and bam! 


Davidson Plum

Why buy goji berries when you can have something as powerful from your own backyard? Davidson Plum or 'Ooray' is jam packed with antioxidants. Buy it freeze dried in powder form and sprinkle it on your granola and yoghurt, in your smoothie and in your baking. It also adds a punchy, sour tang to winter stews and slow cooked meats.



Our very own protein king. Found In backyards, deserts and plains throughout the country wattleseed not only packs a protein punch it also has great amounts of complex carbohydrates, Vitamin B and fibre.

The best part about it is it tastes nutty, chocolatey, coffee. It's fantastic drank as coffee in a plunger or added to any desert, pudding and breakfast cereals. Try it in a banana and cacao smoothie first thing for a great start to your day or as a warm nighttime drink stirred into your hot chocolate.


Finger Lime 

Our most perfect little lime that contains the vital Vitamin C we need in winter, but also, Vitamins E and K, as well as folate. The tiny caviar pearls do not just pair well with seafood, veggies and salads, but can be squeezed into a mug of hot water with a little local, raw honey for that perfect sore throat solution.


Lemon Myrtle

Lemon myrtle has so many health benefits, but at this time of year best taken for a sore throat and coughs.

Either dry your own leaves or simply by dried and it can be made into a soothing herbal tea (try it with some lemon verbena and river mint or peppermint too). You can also gargle a stronger solution too for an antibacterial effect. Lemon myrtle is a great flavour agent that can be included into many meals like cakes, pies, breads and even in yoghurt, but an under appreciated use is on the Australian favourite —avocado on toast (with some good quality olive oil).


Rebecca Sullivan is cook, writer, urban farmer, entrepreneur and one half of Warndu. Follow Rebecca @warndu