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Family Rules star, Kiara Rule named her daughter after some advice her mum gave her as a teenager.
Kate L. Munro

13 Dec 2018 - 3:11 PM  UPDATED 13 Dec 2018 - 3:14 PM

As the popular ‘reality-style’ documentary series Family Rules hits our television screens for a dynamic second season, we are yet again, engaged in the lives of the high spirited Rule sisters and their mother, Daniella.

The vibrant and chaotic Rule mob, based in Perth Western Australia, are a large Noongar/Ndagju family of nine sisters, all to Daniella and her late husband Kevin Rule. Season Two has seen an abundance of happenings within the household and beyond, but nothing quite as exciting and imminent as the arrival of a gorgeous baby girl to one of the Rule sisters.

In last night's episode, we see 24-year-old Kiara Rule (daughter number five) and her Melbourne-based partner, Taunarong man and now recent Civil and Construction Engineering degree graduate Shannon announce a new addition to the already big Rule family. Kiara’s expecting and although she and Shannon had discussed having a family one day, they didn’t expect it to happen quite so soon.

The episode is both emotional and humorous, and by the end, we know that Kiara and Shannon have welcomed a baby girl that they name Bindi.

NITV caught up with new mum Kiara, about her experiences as a new mum. 

“Shannon and I are now taking in as much as possible [with our baby daughter] at the moment, especially because every parent has told us they grow up in the blink of an eye!” she said.

“We just adore Bindi and she has made our hearts so full of love.” 

Kiara, a stunning, strong and focused anthropology and business student exudes a calm confidence and a humble nature, along with a staunch connection to Country that helps some of her other sisters connect also. Whilst in the early stages of pregnancy Kiara took Shannon accompanied by her sisters Jessica, Hannah and Kelly, out to her father’s ancestral Ndagju country in Norseman, WA.

“When I took Shannon out on Country, I felt a strong sense of peace. Every time I go back home I feel clarity, so to get him to experience my country and meet my people was something integral in our relationship; the love and appreciation of my culture was heightened for me [with Shannon being there], and this is something I didn’t even know was possible!” Kiara said.

Her strength has seen her move interstate away from her close-knit family to be with Shannon in Melbourne, Victoria.

“It was extremely difficult being in Melbourne [during pregnancy and for the birth of Bindi], however Mum, Kelly and Hannah were with me when I gave birth. Mum and Hannah flew over three weeks before I was due; we spent that time walking everywhere to try and get Bindi to arrive early.”

“I wish I could have had my whole family there but I am extremely lucky to share my experience with the few that came over,” she said.

During filming throughout the second series and particularly for Episode Five (that has a specific focus on her, Shannon and her pregnancy) Kiara says she felt pretty relaxed.

“I’ve luckily had experiences [of new babies] with my nieces and nephews, but also witnessing my younger sisters as babies too. So, going in [becoming pregnant and during pregnancy] I was really chilled out about everything.

"When I found out I was having a daughter I thought it was perfect because I’ll know what to expect…kind of.”

"When I found out I was having a daughter I thought it was perfect because I’ll know what to expect…kind of.”

“Although Mum always says, ‘expect the unexpected, each child is unique.”

A hard worker and focused student, Kiara returned to work only eight weeks after Bindi was born. Being so far from her close family of strong women, she felt it helped both emotionally and in a general sense.

“I was a bit hesitant to leave Bindi so soon [after giving birth], but I love my job [at a university] and I eventually got bumped up to an Indigenous Student Support role and I am loving it!

"I am lucky because Shannon and his family have been so welcoming (to me) and full of love for Bindi and I have so much help from them, so I count my blessings!”

Despite being situated far over 3,000km from her relatives Kiara remains immensely close with all of them and reflects on things her Mum told her when she was a teenager, it was these significant conversations that led her to naming her daughter Bindi (meaning 'Butterfly' in Nyungar language).

“When I was in my teens I had a conversation with my Mum about love (at the time all my friends had boyfriends). My Mum told me to not worry about finding it (love), that It’s like a butterfly; you won’t notice it, you won’t feel it but suddenly you look over and it’s resting on your shoulder.”

“Love for Shannon was my butterfly. We started off as friends for a long time. Bindi was a wonderful surprise, she was and continues to (also) be my butterfly.”

"If a name means something special or significant to you or your partner, keep it!"

Kiara says that her sisters didn’t like the name ‘Bindi’ at first ("they love it now"), but she was determined to stick with it.

“A word of advice to first-time mothers— if a name means something special or significant to you or your partner, keep it! After all, you’re the ones that are going to be saying it every day!”


Kiara Rule stars in Family Rules, airing every Wednesday, 8.30pm on NITV (Ch. 34).

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