• Ernie Dingo at Horizon Falls on the Season 3 of Going Places with Ernie Dingo (NITV)Source: NITV
The universally charming Ernie Dingo, returns to screens with the third series of his popular travel show 'Going Places with Ernie Dingo'. What is behind the hosts unique appeal?
NITV Staff Writer

17 May 2019 - 3:33 PM  UPDATED 17 May 2019 - 3:33 PM

After gracing our television screens for decades as an actor, comedian and presenter, it would be fair to say most Australians recognise Ernie Dingo. Listed as an 'Australian National Living Treasure', the Yamatji man has an easy charm in front of the camera, as he meets with people from all walks of life.

In his SBS/NITV Going Places program, Dingo has a way of being able to bring out a more personal side of these fantastic holiday destinations, connecting with the people living and working in some of the most remote and beautiful places of the country. It's this disarming interview style that Dingo brings with him to the stunning locations for Series 3 of the popular travel show.

It's this style of presenting that SBS Commissioning Editor, Josh Martin says has resonated with SBS and NITV audiences. 

"Ernie [has an] entertaining and enlightening exploration of Australia and meets fascinating people along the way," Martin said in a statement. 

With incredible land and aerial visuals, we are taken to places like Charlotte Pass (NSW), Horizontal Falls (WA), Yirrkala (NT), Hervey Bay (QLD), Grampians (VIC), Bruny Island (TAS), Ceduna (SA), Mount Kosciuszko (NSW), Broome (WA) and many more.

Along the way, we meet Maaika, a ski instructor from The Netherlands who is newly arrived in the country but loves Australia's rolling hills, in contrast to the jagged mountains of her homeland.

She is passionate about the land and wants to inspire people to take care of themselves and the planet in turn, seeing her role as an advocate for nature. One of her colleagues, Michael, reveals that he gave up relationships and a family to be able to have the life that he lives now, working and living at the snow most of the year, but still getting to experience the unique spirituality that being so close to nature brings.

In WA, we meet Christo, a skipper at Horizontal Falls who came for a 4-month role but has now been there for 8 years. When chatting to Dingo, the talked about looking after the environment as he has witnessed the slow encroachment of pollution and plastics in the remote area of the Falls.

These stories, and many others, are shared, along with the invitation to experience some of our country's most beautiful destinations, alongside Dingo and his cheeky sense of humour. It's clear that his home country is still able to awe and humble the seasoned traveller, which makes the viewing even more entertaining.

Martin added, "With so many breathtaking places left for Ernie to explore, we look forward to taking our viewers on many more journeys across Australia’s diverse landscapes.”


Watch Going Places with Ernie Dingo on SBS on Wednesday 12 June at 7.30pm and on NITV on Sunday 16 June at 7.30pm

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