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Familiar favourites return to NITV next year, as well as some new programs that push television boundaries.
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19 Nov 2019 - 4:53 PM  UPDATED 20 Nov 2019 - 9:59 AM

Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark

December 2019 on NITV

(Feature Documentary)

In this ground-breaking documentary, director Jon Brewer profiles the life of legendary musician Nat King Cole, using private journals, letters and film footage provided by Maria Cole prior to her death. Featuring never before seen archive and exclusive interviews, this candid account of Cole’s ‘fairy-tale’ life honours the journey of a true icon, revealing his feelings behind his calling as a ‘beacon of hope’ to the oppressed.


American Soul

December 2019 on NITV

(Drama Series)

Get ready to discover the untold story of ‘Soul Train’. Starring Sinqua Walls, Jelani Winston, Kelly Price and Kelly Rowland, this scripted drama combines fictional and real-life characters to tell the story of a young, ambitious and troubled entrepreneur, Don Cornelius, who created ‘Soul Train’ — one of the most predominant television shows for African-American culture. Set in the early 1970s and filled with music, dance, fashion and glamour, the series reveals what it took to launch the first nationally-syndicated black music show and what happened when the music stopped. Through it all, Don sacrifices all that he loves to follow his dream.


Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don't Know Me

December 2019 on NITV

(Feature Film)

This is the story of legendary singer, Teddy Pendergrass — the man who would have been the biggest R&B artist of all time. Director Olivia Lichtenstein guides us through the story of a childhood in a Philadelphia ghetto, triumph against success and a tragic accident that changed Pendergrass’ life forever. This film shines with big Philly sound, Soul Train performances and the aura of fame.



January 2020 on NITV 

(Slow TV)

Marni's NITV’s first foray into slow-TV with this recording of a commissioned painting by outstanding Pilbara artist, Allery Sandy. At just over 2.5 hours long, this is a mesmerising marathon of colour and dot work intercut with the majestic landscapes of the Pilbara to a journeying soundtrack. As she paints, Allery tells us about herself and her art practice in the Yindjibarndi language.


Future Dreaming 

January 2020 on NITV 

(VR Experience)

Inspired by the ancient practice of Dreamtime, this immersive Virtual Reality film takes viewers into a time warping dream bubble as four young Aboriginal Australians guide you through their futures. Their stories evolve from the present day to 20 years into the future where they are now driving space trains, hanging out with robots and exploring an off-world colony powered by emus on treadmills. Get ready for an intergalactic adventure — and look out for the space emus!



Early 2020 on NITV

(Game Show) 

Faboriginal is a deadly arts game show featuring the host with the most, Steven Oliver, who’s on hand to deliver a fun mix of trivia, facts, good old yarning, and laughs that is designed to test everyone’s knowledge of Indigenous Art. It features well-known Indigenous comedians, actors, sporting personalities, musicians, and artists who compete against one another to determine who the ‘true’ Art Connoisseur is.



Early 2020 on NITV

(Children's Television)

Set against the backdrop of the majestic Pilbara, Thalu is a kid’s show with all the energy of live-action and all the colour of a cartoon. The series focuses on a group of Aboriginal kids, who undertake a journey to save their Country from the threat of a mysterious dust cloud and its inhabitants, the Takers. Fusing elements of traditional Aboriginal stories and characters with a touch of the hero’s journey and lots of energetic physical and visual comedy, Thalu is funny, exciting, relatable, and offers young viewers an eye-opening glimpse at people and places they could never have imagined.


The Beach

Late 2020 on NITV

(Observation Documentary Series)

The Beach is a six-part series for NITV in which we join award-winning filmmaker Warwick Thornton on an isolated remote beach on the north-west coast of Western Australia. Largely living off the land, in one of the most beautiful yet brutal environments in the world, Thornton will attempt to disconnect from a life lived in the fast lane and reconnect with Country.


Strait to the Plate 

Late 2020 on NITV

(Lifestyle Series)

Food always tells a story, and in this five-part series, Aaron Fa’aso follows his nose to unearth the stories, culture, and secrets behind the unique cuisine of the Torres Straits.



Little J & Big Cuz

Logie Award-winning Indigenous animation series, Little J & Big Cuz returns to NITV in 2020. Little J and his Big Cuz - they’re the Indigenous Australian kids living with their Nanna and Old Dog. All their friends are nearby, and school is just a stroll away along a bush track. This season, they’re finding out more about their world and themselves - in the backyard, the classroom, or on Country. Little J & Big Cuz Season 2 is a Ned Lander Media, Media World, and Blue Rocket production for NITV and ABC Children’s Content. Principal production investment from NITV in association with the ABC. Financed with support from Screen Australia, the Tasmanian Government through Screen Tasmania, Film Victoria, the Australian Council for Educational Research and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation.


Living Black

Australia’s longest-running Indigenous current affairs televised program, Living Black, hosted by Karla Grant, returns in 2020. The program features some of the most recognisable faces in Australia, in a documentary style of storytelling that explores compelling human stories.


The Point

NITV’s flagship news and current affairs program, The Point returns in 2020 to tell compelling stories and investigate the most pressing issues affecting Indigenous Australians. Hosts Rachael Hocking and John-Paul Janke travel the country, joined by our team of Aboriginal journalists to examine a range of issues from health, the arts, sport, politics and more - the program will be coming to you from communities across the nation, bringing the voices of our people with fascinating, compelling, and inspiring stories to tell.


NITV News 

NITV News and weekly program Nula continues to anchor the News and Current Affairs slate on-air and online with regular daily updates, breaking news and original storytelling on all platforms. Natalie Ahmat and our team of Aboriginal journalists across the country deliver the news that you need to know from a uniquely Indigenous perspective, covering the big stories and exploring the issues that matter most to our communities.


Over the Black Dot

All the latest and greatest from the NRL will be discussed in 2020’s season of Over the Black Dot. A stellar lineup panel including George Rose, Timana Tahu, and Bo de la Cruz will speak to all tiers of the rugby league and be joined weekly by a host of special guests.


Family Rules

Family Rules returns with a third season, with another up-close and personal insight into modern Indigenous family life through the eyes of a remarkable mother and her daughters. Together, with their unique sense of humour and style, they learn to juggle their own aspirations with the reality of everyday life.


Going Places with Ernie Dingo

In the fourth instalment of Going Places With Ernie Dingo, Ernie continues to meet the people in this incredible country. He introduces us to the people who live, breathe, and work amongst these incredible places. This season differs in that it focuses more on remoter areas like Tiwi Islands, Mary River Kakadu, and far North Queensland. Interesting Aussies, and Ernie’s affable personality remain the focus of the series.


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