• Anthony Mundine steps up to help a young fan fight a tough battle. (Supplied )Source: Supplied
Eli Chatfield is fighting cancer for the second time. To receive the adequate care he needs, it will take an army of supporters to get him to America.
Brooke Fryer

31 Jan 2020 - 11:54 AM  UPDATED 31 Jan 2020 - 4:07 PM

Former boxing world champion Anthony Mundine is working alongside a young Wiradjuri fan who is facing the battle of a lifetime.

Eli Chatfield, 14, was first diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer, in 2017 and initially went into remission for two years.

In September, Mr Chatfield and his family received news that the cancer was back and had spread into his bone marrow.

Mr Chatfield told NITV News that cancer wouldn't stop him from living his life.

"I try not to let cancer stop me from doing anything and stuff that I love like sports and anything really," he said.

Sarah Robinson, Mr Chatfield's mum, said that since the cancer returned, the first two lots of treatment have been unsuccessful. 

"They failed to halt the cancers progress," she said. "We are onto the third option now that has been recommended by doctors from the U.S."

The third option is a treatment called CAR T-cell therapy which specifically targets medulloblastoma relapse but is currently only available in the United States.

"We are hoping to get to America for the next lot of treatment, but currently it is unaffordable for us," Ms Robinson said.

"He (Eli) is an absolute legend, and he really deserves this chance to go and have the further treatment that he needs in America."

Role model steps in to help

In an effort to ensure Mr Chatfield and his family have the money behind them, Mr Mundine has stepped in to help promote the family's GofundMe Page, Together We Will Win. 

"He (Eli) is definitely the real fighter. He is fighting for his life, there is a big difference," Mr Mundine said.

"Sometimes we take our health for granted, and when we see people like Eli and the battles and adversities they are coming up against it really gives you a bit of a reality check."

Mr Chatfield has long loved boxing and said Mr Mundine is one of his greatest inspirations.

"Anthony Mundine is definitely a massive role model for me growing up, just being Aboriginal and watching him fight," he said. 

"It feels amazing; it is good to have the support from him and his whole team and just everyone."