• Uncle Nick, spokesman for the family of a boy who died in a day care mini-bus accompanied by other relatives, reads a statement to the media. (AAP)Source: AAP
The family of a three-year-old boy who died in a minibus outside a childcare centre last week has spoken out, saying they're in Sorry Business, 'working through' the loss of the toddler together.
Keira Jenkins

26 Feb 2020 - 5:13 PM  UPDATED 26 Feb 2020 - 5:13 PM

An uncle of the three-year-old Indigenous boy who died after being left in a daycare minibus in Cairns last week said his family is 'working through' the tragic loss.

"As you can imagine the loss of our little boy has been distressing for the family," the boy's uncle Nick said.

"It's left many of us with the difficult task of trying to come to terms with his loss.

"He was a three-year-old boy who was deeply connected to his siblings, his peers and older children, and he played a big part in a very close-knitted family."

The 45-year-old bus driver Glenn Lewis and Dionne Batrice Grills, a 34-year-old employee who was also on the bus were granted bail at the Cairns Magistrate Court on Tuesday after being charged with manslaughter.

It is alleged that the three-year-old was still strapped to his seat when he was found on the minibus outside the Goodstart Edmonton centre he attends, after being left unattended for at least four hours while temperatures rose above 30 degrees on the day.

The toddler's uncle Nick thanked the detectives working on the case and the community for the support the family has received.

"For us, as a family, this is an unprecedented incident and consequently its affected the larger community, that's been demonstrated by the support our families have received, and we'd like to thank everyone for their help, their love and their prayers," he said.

Goodstart Edmonton has remained closed since the boy's death last week, and the national minibus service that transports children to and from its centres remains suspended.

Man and woman granted bail over Indigenous toddler death in Cairns last week
UPDATE: A man and a woman were granted bail at the Cairns Magistrate Court today after being charged with manslaughter following the death of an Indigenous toddler who was left in a day-care minibus in 30 degree heat last week .