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NITV's programming line-up celebrates the inspiring achievements First Nations women and Women of Colour make to our society every day.
Lowanna Grant

5 Mar 2020 - 3:32 PM  UPDATED 6 Mar 2020 - 3:52 PM

In honour of International Women’s Day (8 March), NITV has curated a week of unique content reflecting this year’s themes surrounding equality. This year, the UN marks the event with 'I am Generation Equality: Realising Women's Rights' and the International Women's Day organisation celebrates this year with #EachforEqual

NITV's line-up celebrates the inspiring achievements women make to our society every day, and in particular, First Nations women and Women of Colour. By showcasing a collection of specially curated content from feature films to documentaries, NITV starts a conversation about those who are fighting bias and challenging stereotypes to create a gender-equal world.

In a special day event, on International Women’s Day specifically, NITV will dedicate the evening to a marathon of female-lead, feature documentaries. Online, NITV will also be featuring a dedicated 'Legendary Ladies' collection on our NITV channel page, on SBS On Demand.


Feature Film (Australian Premiere)

Thursday 5 March, 9.35pm 

New Zealand drama, Waru is a captivating, powerful story of community secrets, as raw emotions brought to the surface after the death of a young boy named Waru (Māori word for "eight") and drama unfolds around the time of Waru's Tangi ("funeral"). It is told through the eyes of eight strong Maori women, with stirring narrative from the young boy (sure to leave audiences mesmerised). These stories are intertwined and follow eight female characters, as they come to terms with Waru's passing, searching for a way in which the community can move forward.  

With eight different stories, the film is directed and written by eight female Māori directors. These stories are intertwined and follow eight female characters as they come to terms with Waru's passing, searching for a way in which the community can move forward.

Waru had its world premiere at the 2017 New Zealand International Film Festival and since then, it has screened at numerous international festivals, including ImagineNATIVE and Toronto International Film Festival. One of the directors Chelsea Winstanley recently became the first Indigenous female producer to be nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award for her work on Jojo Rabbit.

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Princess Ka’iulani

Feature Film

Friday 6 March, 7.45pm

Inspired by true events, this biographical drama tells the story Princess Ka’iulani, the daughter of a Hawaiian princess and a Scottish businessman, who was born into royalty in the 19th Century. During her teen years, she is sent to England to be "educated" and while overseas, she falls in love with a British man. But when her Uncle, King Kalākaua soon passes away, his dying wish is that she become heir to the throne. Leaving behind the man that she loves, she must stand up for the rights of her people in the Islands of Hawaii.

Princess Ka’iulani comes to power during at a time when the United States are looking to invade the Islands of Hawaii and she is forced to fight and maintain the independence of her home against the threats facing them.

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Josephine Baker: The Story of An Awakening


Sunday 8 March, 8.35pm

This feature documentary explores the extraordinary life of the 1920s superstar performer, Josephine Baker. Famous for her iconic banana dance, Baker was the first African-American to star in a feature film, Siren of the Tropics.

Raised in Missouri, Baker lived and worked for much of her life in Paris until the Second World War, when she joined the French Resistance.

Despite all of her success as an entertainer in Europe, when Baker returned to the United States she faced racism and segregation, motivating her work as a civil-rights activist.

This documentary, by female director Ilana Navaro, uses rarely seen archival footage to tell an intriguing story about a fascinating woman who led an extraordinary life and career. From the stage to fighting racism — Baker truly was an icon of her time.

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Sunday 8 March, 9.35pm

Wiradjuri woman, Ella Havelka, made history when she became the first Indigenous woman to join the Australian Ballet Company in 2013; a first in the company’s 50-year history.

Ella began dancing at the age eight, and went on to graduate from the Australian Ballet School in 2007. After graduating, she went on to dance as part of the well-known Indigenous Dance group, Bangarra Dance Theatre. 

Ella is a feature-length documentary, following the journey of a young girl from Dubbo, Central West NSW, taking to the world stage. The documentary features interviews with Ella and her family, friends and dance teachers and includes dance sequences and archival footage.

We see Ella navigate and remain grounded in her connection to her Indigenous culture while also performing in the prestigious and largest Ballet company in Australia.  

In 2016, Ella made its world premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

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She Who Must Be Loved


Available now on SBS On Demand

Powerful documentary, She Who Must Be Loved tells the life story of Freda Glynn, a pioneer and trailblazer in Australian media, as co-founder of Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) and Imparja TV.

Written and directed by Freda’s daughter, Erica Glynn and produced by her granddaughter, Tanith Glynn-Maloney, this feature-length doco follows not only the beginnings of Indigenous media in this country, with CAAMA having produced some of our most talented filmmakers like Rachel Perkins and Trisha Morton-Thomas, but it’s also a very personal journey for the Glynn family as they endeavour to find out the truth behind the passing of Freda’s grandmother.

She Who Must Be Loved premiered at the Adelaide Film Festival in 2018, where it won the Audience Award and made its International screening at Berlin International Film Festival, celebrating Indigenous storytelling in 2019. The documentary also won Best Australian Documentary at the Sydney Film Festival in 2019.


Pecan Summer


Available now on SBS On Demand

Pecan Summer is a behind the scenes look into the Sydney production of the first Indigenous opera, written and composed by a First Nation artist, Debroah Cheetham in 2016.

This documentary weaves the performance before audiences at the Opera House, with the personal motivations each artist brings to this production. The artists are searching for no less than greatness and every emotion is exposed in the rehearsal rooms.

The opera brings to life the 1939 Cummeragunja walk-off, when around 200 people of the Yorta Yorta Nation walked away from the Cummeragunja mission in Victoria, in protest of abject living conditions and cruel management. Together, they crossed the Murray River into Northern Victoria to escape from the oppression they faced while at the mission.

The opera hones in on the personal experiences of Ella, played by Cheetham and her stage daughter Alice, played by Jessica Hitchcock, as their family struggle to stay together during the era of the forced child removals. The performance of Cheetham playing the mother who loses her child is especially painful, when it is revealed that Deborah herself was removed from her biological mother and raised by a non-Aboriginal family.     

As this documentary illustrates, today Deborah Cheetham is a proud and strong Yorta Yorta woman who is masterful at creatively processing her own history, to create a great work of art.


The Point: Indigenous Women Breaking the Mould

News & Current Affairs

Wednesday 11 March, 8.30pm

NITV’s flagship news and current affairs program, now in its sixth season, The Point marks International Women’s Day by celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women breaking the mould.

Reporter Keira Jenkins explores how women are cutting through traditionally male-dominated industries and leaving their mark. Journalist Madeline Hayman-Reber meets the all-female Lake Tyers Aboriginal Fire Fighting team. And audiences are introduced to meet a remarkable mother who’s overcome a debilitating drug habit and found her voice as a rap performer. This episode will be hosted by Rachael Hocking and Rae Johnston.

Each week, The Point investigates important issues facing Indigenous Australians and examining issues and topics in our community such as health, politics, sport, art and news of the week. Wednesdays at 8.30pm.

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Karla Grant Presents: Kanalaritja - An Unbroken String  

Available now on SBS On Demand

Introduced by highly-respected Arrente journalist Karla Grant, Kanalaritja -An Unbroken String tells the important story of the ancient cultural practice of shell stringing and how a group of dedicated Palawa women have ensured that this cultural tradition has survived and is still thriving today. The survival of shell necklace stringing is due to the Aboriginal people of the Furneaux Islands.

Each week Karla Grant Presents showcases a diverse collection of documentaries created by Indigenous filmmakers from across the country. Karla brings her personal insights to explore and examine each unique story.



The World Game

Tuesdays, 1.30pm and catch-up available On Demand

Proud Wiradjuri and Arrernte woman Lowanna Grant hosts weekly episodes of The World Game for NITV, bringing all the latest highlights, action, news and exclusive interviews from around the football world.


Family Rules

Available now on SBS On Demand

An observational docuseries that satisfies our love of reality TV, Family Rules follows the lives of ten strong Noongar women, led by the matriarch of the Rule family, mother Daniella and her daughters Hannah, Jessica, Aleisha, Sharna, Kiara, Kelly, Shenika, Helen and Angela.

The heartwarming series gives audiences an up-close and personal exclusive insight into a modern, contemporary Indigenous family through the unique lens of the Rule women from Perth, Western Australia.

Watch as the family navigates issues such as parenthood, adolescence and young adult life through their unique humour, connection to culture and love of family.

Series 1 and 2 are now available to stream On Demand and the third series returning to screens later this year.


Kriol Kitchen

Available now on SBS On Demand

A female-lead series hosted by sisters Ali and Mitch Torres, from Broome Western Australia, who have a passion for food and cooking.

Together, they delve into local Kriol cuisine, the pair bring together family, food and culture as they travel through picturesque parts of Western Australia to bring audiences delicious and mouthwatering recipes using traditional foods and practices.

Kriol Kitchen combines food and culture and inspires audiences to embrace the unique cooking practices and local knowledge from Country.


International Women's Day is on 8 March and celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women. To join the conversation, #IWD2020 #EachForEqual #GenerationEquality