• New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (left) and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison speak to the media (AAP)Source: AAP
A look at the different paths the Australian and New Zealand governments are taking to combat the spread of coronavirus.
Ben McKay

25 Mar 2020 - 1:30 PM  UPDATED 1 Sep 2020 - 1:38 PM

As of midnight on Wednesday, New Zealand will head into a brutal four-week lockdown in an effort to slow transmission of the virus.

New Zealand has 155 positive or probable coronavirus cases.

Six Kiwis are in hospital, none are in intensive care and no one has died.

New Zealanders will soon find police patrolling their streets demanding they stay home, and just a few essential services will remain open.

Australia has roughly five times the population of New Zealand and more than 10 times the number of cases - with more than 2130 confirmed to have the virus and eight deaths.

In contrast to New Zealand, the Australian government is currently taking a less extreme approach.


Here are some of the different restrictions planned for the two countries:


 Australia: "I don't think we should rush to that sort of scenario. I think you could rush to failure in that sort of scenario." – PM Scott Morrison, when asked why Australia isn't implementing a total lockdown.

New Zealand: "The trajectory is clear. Act now, or risk the virus taking hold as it has elsewhere." – PM Jacinda Ardern, on her country's total lockdown.


Australia: House visits to be kept to a minimum with very small numbers of guests.

New Zealand: No interaction with other people outside households, except immediate family (partner, children).


Australia: Work from home encouraged if feasible.

New Zealand: Work from home mandatory where possible with only essential workers to leave their house.


Australia: Takeaway only for restaurants, Food delivery services allowed.

New Zealand: Restaurants completely shut. Food delivery services banned.


Australia: Open for haircuts under 30 minutes.

New Zealand: Closed.


Australia: Gyms closed, personal training limited to groups under 10.

 New Zealand: Solo runs or dog-walking allowed.


Australia: Allowed for the couple, the celebrant and two witnesses.

New Zealand: Banned.


Australia: Up to states. Largely open or on school holidays.

New Zealand: Closed.

CASES (as of Tuesday 3pm AEDT)

Australia: 2136 cases (up from 1091 on Saturday) and 8 deaths.

 New Zealand: 155 cases (up from 52 on Saturday) and zero deaths.


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