• The Indigenous Womens Team pose for a team photo after defeating the Maori Women All Stars team at CBus Super Stadium, Feb 2020 (AAP Image/Dave Hunt) (AAP)Source: AAP
OPINION: Women are running the junior clubs, doing the logistics, getting kids up and early to the games, running the canteens and doing the charitable work for the clubs: if it wasn’t for our wives, mums, grandmothers, sisters and aunties, Rugby League wouldn’t be where it is today, writes Timana Tahu.
Timana Tahu

Over the Black Dot
19 Sep 2020 - 9:04 AM  UPDATED 21 Sep 2020 - 10:28 AM

This week is the woman in league round and if  I’m sorry to say, but blokes have a lot of ideas but nothing gets done without a woman’s touch.

Women are running the junior clubs, doing the logistics, getting kids up and early to the games, running the canteens and doing the charitable work for the clubs. For me I wouldn’t of got far if it wasn’t for my wife. She had my life in order and  I am grateful I was one of the lucky players. Playing professional football is a roller coaster ride, a heap of highs and lows, and it’s always good to have a strong lady by your side. You have to remember these players aren’t robots they are sons, brothers and husbands and they have emotions and problems like everyone else.

Also I’m loving the WNRL and watching the ladies show their talent on an elite stage. This gives the younger generation of young girls to inspire to play at a top level. Watching the junior footy you will always see a girl carving up the boys. It’s always awesome to see that are girls are not just running the game behind the scenes but also running out on a world stage performing and making their families proud.

Teams Prepping For Finals Footy

Not long now until  the finals. The 8 is locked in and it’s going to be an awesome finals this year. Sharks were good to get over the Warriors last weekend which fans and players would be excited about especially my ex-team mate and Sharks coach John Morris. But the top 4 are going to be hard to beat. The Storm, Roosters and the powerhouse “The Riff” Panthers.

Souths were looking great with their fast attacking football a few weeks ago and I still think they can upset top teams if any don’t turn up defensively. The Raiders were on fire last year, but are relying too heavily on Jack Wighton and Josh Papalii this year. They were good last week beating the Dragons though, so hopefully it's a sign that they might be hitting their straps now.

Parramatta I think are feeling the pressure and need to go back to enjoying their footy and not put too much expectations on themselves. A few rounds ago they decided not to sing their team song even though they won that particular game because they weren’t happy with their performance. To me a win is a win. You can win ugly or you can win executing every play, but when you are upset and can’t sing the team song and celebrate your win, that tells me they are over-thinking and the senior players are too controlling and uptight with their thinking.

Footy is not life. It’s an experience and a job. Most successful teams that perform are a happy group with a happy environment. Hopefully their win over the Broncs overnight is just what they needed to change their attitudes and right the ship headed towards this year's October final series. I would like to see a Western Sydney GF featuring The Riff v Eels.

Big transfer moves 

Addin Fonua-Blake is likely set to depart Manly at the end of the season aftre requesting a release from the final two years of his contract. This is a big blow for the Many Sea Eagles but one hell of a buy for another club. Fonua-Blake has been one of the in-form props in the game and will be a golden nugget for who ever picks him up. The Tongan International plays a massive role for the Sea Eagles dominating the middle with his power, late footwork and offloads.

Hats off to Coach Des Hasler he could of said no and try to plan a way to persuade Addin to stay, but thinking of the player and not the club shows that Des is not only a great coach but has compassion for his players. The incoming NZ Warriors Coach Nathan Brown will be trying every which way to get Addin to sign on and if he does it will be the biggest signings since Steve Price who left the Bulldogs to go to the Warriors. This is how big Addin can be for NZ or any other club that gets his signature. He is looking at a club outside of Sydney, so this will be an interesting few weeks to see who he starts talking to.

Game of the week: Storm vs. Tigers

Harry Grant verses the club that have loaned him to the Tigers. Grant has been a breath of fresh air for the Tigers. His speed out of the ruck and combinations with his halves have been A-class. It’s gonna be a battle to see against the GOAT, Cameron Smith. The little cub verse the big lion. I think Grant will want to put on a performance against his team mates to remind them that he is competitive and show his coach Craig Bellamy the type of winning attitude that characterises the Storm.

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