• Tyrone Peachey will follow through with allegations he was racially abused by Newcastle forward Mitchell Barnett. (AAP)Source: AAP
A 'conciliation meeting' will be held between Tyrone Peachey and Mitchell Barnett after an investigation into an alleged racial slur by the Knights forward was inconclusive.
Jodan Perry

29 Sep 2020 - 2:15 PM  UPDATED 29 Sep 2020 - 7:18 PM

The National Rugby League has said it could not find 'adequate evidence' that Newcastle Knights player Mitchell Barnett racially abused Gold Coast star Tyrone Peachey during their match on Friday.

An investigation was launched after the proud Wiradjuri man approached referee Chris Sutton during the Titans-Knights match on Friday night.

Following the match, the Fox League broadcast aired audio of Peachey saying to Sutton "that backrower called me a black c--t."

Peachey then backed up his initial complaint on Saturday, saying "I know exactly what I heard."

"That's why I reacted the way I did ... It can be put down to ignorance, heat of the competition or lack of education. Either way, I won't stand for it," he said.

"Barnett could have called me anything else, and it wouldn't have bothered me, but for him to say what he said, I want him and everyone else to know that those things are not ok to say.

"I'm making a statement in the hope to educate and to make sure others know it's not ok and to call out racism."

The Newcastle Knights released a statement on Saturday saying "the player accused of the these comments denies making any racial remarks or slurs."

In a statement released today, the NRL CEO Andrew Abdo said it has not been able to "determine the matter, and the facts remain contested by each player."

"The NRL Integrity Unit received statements from the players involved in the matter, players from both teams in the vicinity of the incident, match officials, club officials, and reviewed footage and audio from the broadcast and internal comms records," he said.

"Where there is a dispute as to what has been said, the game has a process designed to bring the parties together to address those matters in an appropriate way.

"My priority right now is monitoring the welfare of both players. I'm hopeful a conciliation meeting will find a resolution that benefits both players."

'I know exactly what I heard': Peachey to pursue racism allegation
The Gold Coast star says he's making a statement to call out racism as the NRL investigates an alleged slur by Newcastle forward Mitchell Barnett in Friday night's match.