The Reconciliation Film Club is an exciting web offering that supports organisations to host screenings of a curated selection of compelling Indigenous documentaries from Australia’s leading Indigenous filmmakers, and Indigenous news and current affairs.
SBS, NITV, Reconcilation Australia

15 Oct 2020 - 12:53 PM  UPDATED 15 Oct 2020 - 4:10 PM

Reconciliation Australia, NITV and SBS proudly partnered to launch the Reconciliation Film Club in 2017, an online platform that supports organisations to host screenings of a curated selection of Indigenous documentaries from Australia’s leading Indigenous filmmakers. 

The initiative launched with Erica Glynn’s In My Own Words, Trisha Morton-Thomas’s Occupation: Native, Tyson Mowarin’s Connection to Country and Steven McGregor’s Servant or Slave, and since then more films continue to be added. These compelling documentaries address issues such as cultural heritage, national identity, history, justice and equality.

In 2018, the film club extended to include Warwick Thornton’s We Don’t Need a Map. In the following year (2019), the following films were also made available: Adrian Russell Wills' Black Divaz,  Grant Leigh Saunder's Teach a Man to Fish,  Erica Glynn'sTruth be Told: Lest We forget, and Nicole Ma's Putuparri and the Rainmakers. Most recently, Indigenous news and current affairs program, Living Black: Patrick Dodson - The Father of Reconciliation episode was added.

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Hosting a screening of a Reconciliation Film Club documentary is an opportunity to bring people together to develop a deeper understanding of Indigenous people’s perspectives and histories, ignite conversation and spark change. It’s also a great platform to engage staff more actively in your organisation’s RAP plan.

During the restrictions presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, efforts by all the film distributors are being made to provide a secure, digital streaming option for film screenings as needed.

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Any questions about hosting a screening, including rates, and to request a film screening can be found in each film's how-to-host a screening guide. Click on the title you are interested it for more information. You must submit a new request for each individual film. If you are following up on existing screening requests, please contact