• Leigh Carmichael, the Creative Director of Dark Mofo, has made a statement about the controversial artwork that was going to be displayed at the event. (Dark Mofo)Source: Dark Mofo
'We made a mistake': following an outraged backlash the festival says they will not be continuing with the planned work.
Bernadette Clarke

23 Mar 2021 - 4:40 PM  UPDATED 23 Mar 2021 - 4:40 PM

After an outpouring of criticism against Dark Mofo's plan to submerge a Union Jack in the donated blood of First Nations peoples, the annual art festival has cancelled the planned work.

The event will no longer include the controversial art instalment by Spanish artist Santiago Sierra.

Just yesterday, the creative director of Dark Mofo, Leigh Carmichael, responded to the hundreds of disapproving comments on social media.

"Self-expression is a fundamental human right, and we support artists to make and present work regardless of their nationality or cultural background, " wrote Carmichael.

"It’s not surprising that the atrocities committed as a result of colonising nations continue to haunt us."

On Tuesday however the director made another statement outlining that they made a "mistake", apologising for the hurt it's caused First Nations peoples, and that Dark Mofo takes "full responsibility", .

Despite the apology, the fallout from the proposition is ongoing, with hundreds of comments on social media continue to criticize the festival.