A Kamilaroi grandmother alleges police cars surrounded her house and officers pointed guns at her 18-year-old son's head while her young grandchildren watched on.
Mikele Syron

16 Jul 2021 - 5:03 PM  UPDATED 16 Jul 2021 - 5:45 PM

A First Nations mother has taken to social media to reveal her outrage, after her family were at the centre of a "traumatic" incident with the Queensland Police Service. 

In an emotional Facebook post, Kamilaroi woman Roxanne Duncan alleged several carloads of police surrounded her home in Wacol, in Brisbane's West, mistaking it for a house along the same street. 

Duncan claims heavily armed officers stormed her house while her teenage children and young grandchildren were inside.

"Police (4 swat cars, five other cars) came to my house with (semi-automatic guns) AR’s aimed at my babies, grab my (18-year-old) son put him in handcuffs put him on the ground and still had all the guns pointed at his head," her post said. 

"... police all around the house with guns drawn ready to shoot - all the time they had the wrong address?."

Speaking with NITV News, Ms Duncan said that whilst she wasn't home when the event occurred, her son, 15-year-old daughter, and 7- and 4-year-old grandchildren were in the house.

“(The family) have to deal with the trauma of that. This has real lived consequences for black families and black homes." 

She said that her son is not known to Queensland Police, and that the incident has taken a significant toll on him. 

“My boy is a sensitive type of person," she told NITV News. 

“When he called me to tell me what had happened, his voice was shaking, and he was panicked. He thought he was going to die that day and he was also concerned for the little kids who were in the house.”

Ms Duncan said she will take legal action and seek an apology for the trauma her teenage children and young grandchildren have endured as a result of the incident.

“My first priority will be getting them counselling, but I made the post because I want the police officers who did that to my family to be accountable for their behaviour, which has really rattled my son,” Ms Duncan said.

Munanjahli and South Sea Islander Associate Professor Chelsea Watego labelled the incident “vile”.

“(The family) have to deal with the trauma of that. This has real lived consequences for black families and black homes," she told NITV. 

"And the state government is indifferent. The premier, and the commissioner, need to step up and do something about this, because it's our families that are most affected,” Professor Watego said. 

The Queensland Police Service confirmed that officers had made an arrest of an 18-year-old at the address in relation to a serious crime, but told NITV that he was "unarrested shortly after without incident." 

"As part of those inquiries, a number of people were arrested by officers, including an 18-year-old man," they said.

"The safety of the community and also the police was of key consideration."

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