• Kid Laroi's star continues to rise, with the release of his album F*ck Love, including the collaboration with Justin Bieber, 'Stay'. (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
It's the third project based on the Kamilaroi boy's struggles with love and heartbreak.

The Kid LAROI has dropped his latest album, F*ck Love 3: Over You.

It's the third and final project in the F*ck Love series, which began with his debut mixtape F*ck Love, released online in 2020 and garnering instant attention and accolades. 

LAROI, real name Charlton Howard, has been on an unstoppable ascendancy since then. His second collaboration with Justin Bieber, 'Stay', has hit the top of the charts in Australia, and is currently no. 3 on the US billboards. 

The series has been based on LAROI's experience of heartbreak and loss. However, the 17-year-old has said this latest installment, the follow on from F*ck Love (Savage), is the last in the series "because of what’s happening in my life.”

“I have a girlfriend now and I really love her,” he told Billboard.

“It’s time to close the F*ck Love show.”

The Kid Laroi hits No. 1 with new single "Stay"
"Stay" is Laroi's second collaboration with Canadian superstar Justin Bieber.