• Brooke Blurton is The Bachelorette's newest star, debuting as the first-ever Indigenous lead in the show's history. (Channel 10)Source: Channel 10
The Noongar Yamatji woman is also the show's first openly bisexual lead.
NITV Staff Writer

21 Oct 2021 - 11:37 AM  UPDATED 21 Oct 2021 - 11:37 AM

It started with an Acknowledgement of Country, and then a Welcome to Country. 

Brooke Blurton was in tears, and it's safe to say a bunch of the country was as well. 

The Noongar Yamatji woman is making history as the long-running series' very first Aboriginal star, with fans of the show expressing their joy at the overdue milestone online. 

The 26-year-old first appeared as a contestant on the gender-flipped companion show The Bachelor, but was unsuccessful in winning over that series' eponymous hero. 

Now she's the star of the show, and there are some other familiar faces on this series as well. A fellow hopeful from Blurton's time on the Bachelor made an appearance on last night's premiere. 

That's because of another glass ceiling that Blurton has smashed through: she's the first openly queer Bachelorette (or Bachelor) in the show's history. 

Blurton and contestant Jamie-Lee Dayz shared a (not-so) clandestine kiss on last night's episode, which both of them admitted was the culmination of unrequited tension from their time on The Bachelor. 

Each week, Dayz and others will vie for Blurton's affections. The show's signature roses are handed out to those still in the running, with one unlucky lover sent home each week. 

Despite the ground-breaking nature of this series, if history is any guide, one thing is a certain: twists, turns, shocks and drama lie ahead. 

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