• Narkle family together outside their rental. (Supplied: Kearyn Cox)Source: Supplied: Kearyn Cox
A single mother and her six children could be homeless after her lease wasn’t renewed in her private rental last month.
Kearyn Cox

20 May 2022 - 10:10 AM  UPDATED 20 May 2022 - 11:40 AM

Since being evicted, the Narkles have been squatting in a private rental property in Bentley, waiting on the priority list for a public housing lifeline.

The Noongar family is one of 18,738 waiting for public housing, with nearly 1,000 people currently homeless on the Perth streets.

Krystal Narkle has six kids: her youngest is two, and the eldest 16.

Indigenous sisters evicted from rental property following father's death
Three Noongar-Yamatji sisters who lost their father last year are facing homelessness after being forced out of their home and denied emergency accommodation.

The single mother of six has been renting for the last five years, and found herself behind in rent after purchasing each of her children Christmas presents last year.

Ms Narkle said she has had enough with the unpredictability of renting.

“You can never get stable in a rental because you are always on edge whether they’re going to renew it or if it’s going to be sold,” she said.

With nowhere left to go, Ms Narkle was recently offered a place at a refuge with her two youngest babies. She now has no options left and may be forced to separate from four of her children.

“I would happily go into a refuge, but it has to be all of us, not just the two babies. We are one whole family you know I don’t want to be separated from my kids.

“It shouldn’t have to come to that. I am a good mum, I love my kids,” she said.

The situation is starting to have an impact on her eldest son, 16-year-old Harry.

“I don’t really meet up with my friends anymore. It’s pretty boring at home because we are going through this situation right now," he said.

“I want to see us all get a house and get back to our regular time schedule."

Govt urged to act before 'tragedy strikes'

In 2021, Western Australia's state government added over 200 homes to the public housing stock and 143 of the properties were spot purchased.

The WA state government committed an additional 90 million dollars towards spot price purchasing in last week’s budget.

“The use of spot price purchase program has been an effective lever to boost social housing in tough market conditions,” said House the Homeless advocate Jesse Noakes.

Mr Noakes said the government must act now, and use the spot price purchasing funds to deliver 300 public houses for vulnerable families in crisis right now.

"The government now has the ability to immediately acquire public housing for Krystal's family.

"And they need to use it now before more tragedy strikes," said Mr Noakes. 

“If I can be in one of those homes, I would be so grateful right now," said Ms Narkle. 

“I believe I need to be in one of those homes."

The WA Department of Communities has been contacted for comment.

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