• Bo de la Cruz, Dean Widders and George Rose host on Feeding the Scrum. (NITV)Source: NITV
Feeding the Scrum will see some of the best First Nations athletes sit down for deep conversations with delicious food to boot!
Dan Butler

24 May 2022 - 5:03 PM  UPDATED 24 May 2022 - 5:07 PM

There's one sure recipe to get a good yarn out of someone: giving them a good feed!

It's the ethos behind NITV's newest program, Feeding the Scrum. 

Sporting greats George Rose, Dean Widders and Bo de la Cruz take turns hosting your favourite players for a chat about life, the universe and everything else. 

While they chat, a scrummy feed prepared by Chef Aaron Grant keeps everyone in good spirits. 

Bo de la Cruz, a former World Champion and the first Indigenous woman to represent Australia at a senior level in touch rugby, has sat down with Braydon Trindall, Ronaldo Mulitalo, Jesse Ramien, Caitlan Johnston and more. 

She says the show is about getting under the public persona. 

"[They're] talking about their past, present and their future," she told NITV News.

 "It's just getting to know them over a really good feed!"

Bo says her personal experience as a public figure helped with her approach to the show. 

"People didn't really know me as a person, they only knew me as a sportsperson."

"[The show] is just having a yarn to them about what they do other than their profession, and what their interests are, and what pushed them to become who and what they are right now."

The show has elements of light and shade, with guests often delving into more serious periods of their life. 

"There's some really beautiful stories from them. A few of the guests have had some pretty rough upbringings."

"But they've come out on the other side and I think they don't think they regret that. I think they use those as their motivation to want to succeed more.

"It's really lovely to see"

And it all centres around a special place for telling yarns: the dinner table.

"We've had some really amazing feeds! But yeah, it relaxes us a lot, especially for our guests, having to talk about a lot of those things that have happened to them."

"It's just having a really good conversation like you normally do around the dinner table, or you're just chatting with friends.

"It's really inclusive, it's really calm and you know, especially we Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and Pacific guys, we love our food.

"A lot of our conversations do happen around food. A lot of our love at get-togethers happen around food."

Feeding the Scrum premieres Tonight at 9pm on NITV and is available on SBS On Demand after broadcast