• Latrell Mitchell grabbing a feed on NITV's premier sports talk show. (NITV)Source: NITV
The NRL player got candid about his farm, family, and work outside of footy on NITV's new talk show.
Rachael Knowles

25 May 2022 - 5:23 PM  UPDATED 25 May 2022 - 5:30 PM

Superstar on and off the field, Latrell Mitchell shared his dreams to inspire the next generation through sport, business and farming on NITV’s Feeding the Scrum.

The proud Taree boy sat down with George Rose, Abie Wright and Leli SK for the season premiere of Feeding the Scrum on Tuesday night.

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Speaking on his career with South Sydney Rabbitohs, the proud Biripi man said every day he gets to “live a dream”.

“I get to live a dream. Go on into Redfern and you know, put on the green and red,” he said.

For the young ones

For the star, it’s all about the kids.

“I just love putting smiles on kids’ faces,” he said.

“That's why I come up with like, the kangaroo sort of pose ... of course I'm strong culturally but it was more the fact connecting [with] all our kids and not just Blackfullas.”

Priding himself on being an entertainer, Mitchell knows he’s putting “bums in seats”.

“I know I do. I know they're coming to watch me I can feel it in that energy. But it sort of gives me another sense of ... I've got a responsibility now too, to lead on and off the field,” he said.

“It’s putting myself out there with the fans and trying to do my best ... it's something I enjoy especially [for the] kids.

"They get a lot out of it and that's what gets me up everyday.”

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For Mitchell, it's the hope that his effort can hit back home.

"I hope they're looking at me as a role model," he said.

"I [want them to think] I want to be like this fulla, I don't want to be stealing cars. I don't want to be doing this, you know. I want a life for my family.

"Most of them fullas don't have that opportunity to have a great role model in life and I'm hoping that I'm that person."

Farm life and new ventures

In the off-season, Mitchell is a full-time farmer and now, a new business owner, launching Winmarra Clothing.

“Winmarra is a Storyline from back home that Dad told as a kid,” he explained.

“Winmarra women from the mountains, couldn't get a man up there, so they had to come down a little bit to the north coast and steal some and take them back up.”

“Then there's a connection there with the bull … I’ve got him at the front of my logo and he symbolises strength and power.

“He looks after the mob too, the herd.”

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For Mitchell, the farm fulfills a childhood dream.

“I've always had a dream since I was 12 years old to have a farm. My old boy, got him out his job of 17 years now and have him running around flat.”

Mitchell houses Angus cattle on his 222-hectare farm at Caffreys Flat in the mid north coast, and hopes that it can provide pathways into agriculture for young Aboriginal people.

“I want to eventually employ Blackfullas and get them into the trade of agriculture, so that's another sort of little pathway for young Backfullas to come and learn,” he said.

Six years after his NRL debut with Sydney Roosters, the young star has learned hard lessons that have helped strengthen his identity.

“I'm just more comfortable with myself as a person, as the man I am you know – I’m connected a lot to my Country and it's just an amazing lifestyle,” he said on Feeding the Scrum.

Already cementing himself as one of the biggest names in league history, Mitchell isn't stopping yet - with plans to "just keep rolling, just keep ticking boxes".

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