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The Rule household in WA has one mother, nine daughters and whole lot of chaos. So who are the women on NITV's fly-on-the-wall docu-series?
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23 Dec 2016 - 3:57 PM  UPDATED 14 Nov 2018 - 5:35 PM

You may have met them in Season One and this year, they're opening their homes and hearts to Australia once again. 

This up close and personal series gives an exclusive insight into modern Indigenous family life through a unique family of women.

Hannah, Jessica, Aleisha, Sharna, Kiara, Kelly, Shenika and Angela navigate their way through adolescence and adulthood as their mother, Daniella, teaches them life lessons.

With their own unique humour and style, these women juggle their aspirations with the reality of everyday life.


HANNAH - 'The Baby'

Hannah is the baby of the family, but is quickly growing into a young woman. She is now the ninth sister, and last sister, to make it to high school.

She loves hanging out with her cousin Ebony and having friends over. Although she loves her family, she sometimes gets annoyed with her nieces, nephews and especially her sisters.

Hannah has grown into a cheeky teenager who has found her voice and not afraid to use it, however, she loves to laugh on the sidelines when her sisters get into fights. 


JESS - 'The Sweetheart'

Sweet, kind-hearted Jessica is 17-years-old and in Year 11 at the school where her mum works. 

She is the sister always known to show love and is happy to help her mum and siblings out with anything they ask of her.

Jessica is a sporty girl, but keen to pursue a career in nursing or the arts. She finds herself being challenged with her relationships, especially with her older sister Aleisha and her mum, but usually behaves in a softer manner, even when she's upset.

Jessica’s desire to graduate from Year 11 and be the eighth sister on the family "graduation wall" while maintaining her busy social life is taking a toll on her schoolwork. With senior year testing looming, she realises she must put her head down and focus.


ALEISHA - 'The Rebel' 

Aleisha is 18-years-old, has graduated from high school and unsure of her next steps in life. She spends a lot of her time hanging out at home and driving around Perth with her boyfriend Reggie.

Straddling the divide between being a teenager and becoming an adult is challenging for Aleisha to navigate, as she seems to be the least driven of her siblings. While she requires a firm helping hand to provide some direction, beneath her sassy attitude is a sensitive young woman still trying to understand the priorities in her life.  


SHARNA - 'The Sensitive One'

Sassy, straight-up and loving is sister number six, Sharna. She is  21-years-old and obsessed with her hair extensions, good makeup and beautiful clothes.

Sharna has grown up considerably since Season One and has entered her 20s, really happy with life and determined to use this good place in her life to face and overcome her fears.

Sharna is a generous, sweet sister, who tells it like it is, but always with humour. She is on a journey to prove to herself and her family that she can do something major for herself and she wants them to witness it.


KIARA - 'The Thinker'

Kiara, sister number five, is 23-year-old, cool, calm and collected Kiara, who has spent the past four years living in Melbourne studying a double degree in Anthropology and Business at Monash Universit.

She is about to complete her final year when when a sudden change comes ahead. 


KELLY - 'The Fun One'

Kelly is turning 25 and works as fly-in-fly-out worker on Prelude, the world’s newest and largest offshore facility for liquefied natural gas production, hundreds of kilometres off the Western Australian coast near Broome.

Kelly loves a night out with her sisters and can’t help but spoil her nieces and nephews.

Gregarious and feisty, Kelly is the life of the party. She earns good money and enjoys spending it, but is a careful budgeter.

She is now under pressure from her older sister Angela to invest her savings and buy a home rather than spend her time travelling the globe.


SHENIKA - 'The Cool Mum'

Shenika is 28-year-old and happily married to Trent with their three young children, Harlem (7), Kai (2) and Dane, who was born in August 2017.

Shenika is a successful model who still works occasionally, but is predominately focused on her boys and motherhood.

She handles situations with coolness and is always on hand to spend time with her mum and give her younger sisters advice. Effortlessly stylish, Shenika is the fashionista of the Rule family.


ANGELA - 'The Protector'

Angela is 31 and happily married with a two-year old daughter, Chloe, and a baby on the way.

She is juggling motherhood, multiple jobs as a mentor, tutor and occasional singer and is preparing to study a Masters Degree.

Angela is often called ‘second mum’ by her younger sisters and always offers to help organise their priorities. She is also the calm voice of reason within the noisy family.

Angela, like Shenika, spends quality time with her mum and sisters and is always around, sharing family moments.


Daniella - 'The Matriarch'

Daniella Borg is the matriarch of the Rule family. She was 16 when she met Kevin Rule and by 17 she was pregnant.

Together they had nine daughters*. In 2004 Kevin Rule tragically died from a coward punch. Their youngest daughter, Hannah, was just a few weeks old at the time. Daniella was left as a single mum to nine children, but her ability to the find the positive in the bleakest of times has seen her family thrive.

Daniella's Words
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Daniella has been parenting for the past 30 years and despite the tragedy her family has endured, she has also managed to finish her secondary education and gone on to study for a Bachelor of Social Science at University.

Daniella now works as Community Engagement Officer at the same school her youngest daughters attend and is responsible for the care and well-being of the 150 Aboriginal students.

Now that most of her daughters are adults, Daniella is keen to find some time for herself - but she can’t help putting her daughters' and grandchildren’s needs first.

Daniella is the glue that keeps this family together; she may be big-hearted and easy going, but don’t think for a moment you’re going to get one over Mamma Rule.

*Third oldest sister, Helen does not star in Family Rules Season 2. 

Family Rules Season 2 airs Wednesday, 14 November at 8.30pm on NITV (Ch. 34) and will be available On Demand  after broadcast. Join the conversation #FamilyRules