Real life TV series Family Rules follows a modern Indigenous family journeying to Badjaling to experience culture, country and elders. Find out what the Rules' perfect playlist was while heading outback.
Laura Morelli

20 Dec 2016 - 5:16 PM  UPDATED 23 Dec 2016 - 5:28 PM

Family car rides usually suggest a seemingly endless trip being squashed either in the side (if you're lucky), middle or back (if you're the youngest or smallest). There's normally little to do while on the road because reading generally makes you sick, looking at your mobile makes you nauseous and well let's face it, you can only play 'I spy with my little eye' so many times...

Alas, there's one thing that always seems to brighten the mood, and bring a little 'careoke' cheer to the whole family. That's right, a perfect playlist for the whole family to sing along to - who doesn't love watching their mum try and rap to Drake's lyrics and of course there's nothing better than watching how people interpret different dance movements to Yothu Yindi's hit song 'Treaty'.

Seeing the Rule family journey outback to country so often, it seemed only fitting to find out what fuelled their car ride so they've provided us with their rules to a perfect family playlist:

HANNAH - Drake: 'Fake Love'

"I rarely ever get to pick a song because I'm always stuck in the middle and of course in the back seat - but when I do get a say, you can never go wrong with Drake!"

Meet 'The Baby'
It doesn't matter how old you are, the last born will always be the baby of the family. For the Rules, that's Hannah. The 12-year-old is the cheeky youngest sister who gets away with a lot. Despite starting high school, she's still a kid at heart. She loves playing the Nintendo Wii and spending time on Snapchat much to the dismay of her mother and older sisters.

JESS - Alan Jackson: 'Where were you when the world stopped turning'

"We always listen to Alan Jackson and I picked this particular song because mum knows every word to it... I'm still learning and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to catch up soon!"

Meet 'The Helper'
Jessica is the good girl who always helps her mother but the 15-year-old is ready for a little more freedom and fun with her friends. Jessica dreams of becoming a model like her older sister, Shenika. Her bubbly personality and sweet nature shines through in every situation.

ALEISHA - Shania Twain: 'Up up up'

"We used to listen to Shania when we were little because dad used to love playing her music, so whenevr we were on a road trip he'd blast it. I don't listen to it now, but I do love putting it on when I'm with the family."

Meet 'The Rebel'
Like most other 18-year-old's Aleisha has a lot of attitude. The sass teen can usually be found applying make-up, which almost always belongs to one of her other sisters. She's in her final year of school and completing a work placement at the WA Football Commission. Beneath her sassy attitude is a sensitive young woman still trying to understand the priorities in her life.

SHARNA - Fleetwood Mac: 'Gypsy'

My sisters and I all love putting on Fleetwood Mac and listening to basically all of the songs because we all know the beat, lyrics and really enjoy hanging out with it in the background.

Meet 'The Sensitive One'
Sharna's sassy, sentimental and a bit of an extrovert. The 20-year-old works hard for her money and likes to treat her family. Living at home with her younger sisters has its challenges, especially when they ‘borrow’ her clothes and makeup. Sharna is desperate for her own space and wants to move out of home but she learns that when you have sisters, you have to share.

KIARA - Alan Jackson: 'Drive'

"It always has to be country with my family - we've grown up with Alan Jackson so he's my favourite to sing along to - anything old school."

Meet 'The Thinker’
Kiara is cool, calm and collected and sister number five, putting her smack bang in the middle of her siblings. The 22-year-old Rule sister lives in Melbourne and is in her second year of a double degree in Anthropology and Business. Kiara's used to being called the ‘golden child’ by some of her sisters...

KELLY - Calum Scott: 'Dancing on my own'

"This song has been one of my favourite tunes for a while now - I never get sick of hearing it!"

Meet 'The Fun One'
Kelly works on an oilrig in the middle of the ocean for 28 days at a time before returning to Perth to let down her hair. The 23-year-old loves a night out with her sisters and can’t help but spoil her nieces and nephews. Gregarious and feisty, Kelly is life of the party.

HELEN – Alan Jackson: 'Gone Country'

"Playing this song just reminds me of my mum and dad, our whole family love country because we were raised listening to it."

Meet 'The Quiet One'
Helen is 26-years-old and is currently planning her wedding. The mother of two is always preoccupied, be it with managing her children or her siblings. Amongst chaos, Helen is calm, quiet, contemplative and sentimental. She hangs out with her older sisters and is always around for advice and love when the younger ones need her.

SHENIKA - Shania Twin: 'From this moment'

"Anything Shania Twin is fantastic, but when it comes to a family trip it would have to be a chilled song so the other girls don't get hyped up because I need silence."

Meet 'The Enforcer'
Shenika is not only a mother of two, but a successful model. The 28-year-old came 10th in ‘The Face’ with judge, Naomi Campbell. Hard-working and little tolerance for laziness or bad behaviour are her top traits, much to the dismay of her younger siblings. Effortlessly stylish Shenika has been dubbed as the fashionista of the Rule family.

ANGELA - Yothu Yindi: 'Treaty'

"This song just gets everyone in the car involved - it's such a good beat and we all have fun singing along to it."

Meet 'The Second Mum'
Like most older siblings, Angela has been labelled as the 'second mother' by her younger sisters because she is the calm voice of reason in this noisy family. The 29-year-old mother is an accomplished singer/songwriter. In fact she even helped write the catchy music sting for the Family Rules titles sequence.

DANIELLA - Yothu Yindi: 'Mainstreet' 

"My girls love listening to Yothu Yindi with me - how fitting seeing the name Yothu Yindi is Yolngu for 'child and mother.'"

Meet 'The Matriarch'
Daniella is the matriarch of the Rule family, she's the glue that keeps it together and despite being big-hearted, no-one rules over Mamma Rule. At the age of 17 her and her husband had their first daughter but in 2004 he died from a coward punch and left his wife and nine girls behind. As a single mum, she completed her studies while undertaking a new degree and encourages all her children to further their education.

Family Rules airs on Monday 9 January, 7.30pm on NITV Ch.34. Catch a sneak peak of Episode 1 On Demand

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