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The Bimban Born-Kissing Trees is a traditional Nyungar dreamtime love story between a man and a woman who were forbidden to be together.
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10 Jan 2017 - 4:06 PM  UPDATED 11 Jan 2017 - 4:09 PM

Down near the Derbarl Yirrigan Swan River in the southern shores of Perth there is a special tree in the surrounding of Djoondalup Point Walter. There you'll find two old river gum branches that are thick, windy and they drape, bend and lean back and forth and side to side. These special natural plants are known as ‘Bimban Born-Kissing Trees’.

In NITV's new real life TV series ‘Family Rules’ Daniella and her nine daughters briefly discuss why the trees in Djoondalup Point Walter have a special title. Now we have the full story to share with you, thanks to Daniella’s cousin, Kerry-Ann Winmar of Moordjarl Cultural Tours. This story is from Whadjuk woman and Kerry-Ann's late mother Yurleen Dorothy J Winmar nee Garlett's - a traditional owner from this area.

The Bimban Born-Kissing Tree is a traditional Nyungar dreamtime love story between a man and a woman who were forbidden to be together.
Long long ago when our ancestors cared for and roamed our country there was a Nyungar (man) and a Yorga (woman) who were forbidden to be together because they were the wrong skin group following Indigenous Lore, as told by the elders.
But despite being told to leave each other alone, the couple decided to stay together and as punishment, were excluded from the tribal group.

This angered their mob, which meant they’d have to implement a harsher punishment which would force them away from each other in order to stop them from being together. 

The tribal group chased them down and threatened them with violence, which meant the man and woman couldn't stay around their tribal group and constantly had to hide most of the time.

Early one morning, the tribal group caught the couple while they were resting in their secret hiding place and woke them up with a fright, dangling spears above their heads.
Just before the couple were speared, Nyungar and Yorga grabbed each other tightly and kissed one last time. They died while embracing each other in their arms.
Their love was so strong that it was engraved forever in the land. The tree next to the path was the man and the tree behind is the woman. The branches of these two trees touch each other, similar to that of the couple’s final kiss.
That is why the trees are known as the "Bimban Born-Kissing Trees" found at Djoondalup Point Walter.
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