This law is sung by Djambarrpuynu Yothu Yindi women, custodians from communities of Galiwinku, Ramingining, Milingimbi, Gapuwiyak, Yirrkala and homelands like Ban'thula on Elcho Island.

The Bulunu means south-east wind or cloud formation.

It also means the season Bulunu or, as commonly known in the top end, build up season, or time of year when the Clan remembers family members who have passed away.

Milkarri is a sorrow Manikay (meaning songline). This songline is sung by women from this clan.

They cry about the land and how the new season is beginning all over again after a death of a family member.

Longing for Ngurruyurrtjurr (meaning homeland/clan estate), when someone passes away.

They cry as they tell stories in Milkarri about new shoots of traditional food and gathering this food. The new shoot represents new life, new season to the land and to the people. Old has passed away.

Bulunu also means never to forget your family who have passed on. The build up is meant to remind you of loved ones who have passed away.

When someone passes away, the clan believes that the spirits return to the homeland/clan estate of Ngurruyurrtjurr. This sorrow also tells the story of new life by using examples of fresh shoots of traditional food during the wet season that occurs after Bulunu.