Brothers Damari and Guyula came from the Rainbow Serpent that had made its way down to the coast after the legend of the formation of Lakes Eacham and Barrine in the Atherton Tablelands.

Here on the coast at Trinity Bay, the brothers created the Murray Prior Range, Barron and Russel Rivers and Djarragun (Walsh's Pyramid).

Once creation of the tribal lands finished, Damari and Guyula went separate ways.

Guyula turned into a Seahawk and remained on the mainland (Yarrabah).

Damari headed up to the Torres Strait Islands, where his legend was credited with the formation of the Islands and Cays in the Torres Strait.

Guyula can still be seen looking after his homelands high in the skies over Yarrabah.

Damari flew from the Ambrym Point, never to be seen again except a footprint in stone – a sacred image – that is still seen to this day.

The symbols painted on the bodies of the dancers are 'Yabulam', or lawyer cane, and remind the dancers of how essential nature is to their survival.

The dance incorporates the use of handmade spears symbolising the hunting characteristics of the two brothers. The dancers make their way through the ground mimicking the travels of Guyula and Damari, climaxing in celebration of creation and the sadness of the departure of Damari.