They have not been performed for more than 50 years and it was thought they had been lost forever.

The songs and dances are very significant - they were given to the men's tribe, the Djugun tribe, by their creator during the Buguragarra (the Dreamtime). They give the people their identity and set out the laws they must live by.

They are part of a broader songline, a series of songs sung by tribes throughout the region and beyond, that recount the journey of the creator as he traveled the land giving the people their law and culture.

Footprints, the impression in the sand rising up to bring forth a story of great importance to the Djugun people from the township of Broome and local region.

Footprints is a film of the story, dance and culture of the Djugun people that has been brought to life from the dirt after 50 years, handed back to the Djugun people from its caretaker Roy Wiggan.