At the end of this river here, where fresh water mixes with salt water, the Rainbow Serpent made all of the Ngalalek Ngalalek mob, or Corella people. Today we still call this river Ngalalek Ngalalek Mangarboh, the Corella River, Balanda name is Mann River. And 'ngalalek ngalalek' that is the sound that corellas make too.

The Ngalalek Ngalalek mob walked upstream until they got to a place called Na-wake.

Just before they turned into birds, the Ngalalek Ngalalek made two mobs of people: the Na-yah-yunghi and the Nar-man-de. So as Ngalalek Ngalaleks became birds, human life began. The world became alive in a way we might recognise today.

The Nar-man-de mob began in this cave. They already had margot (didgeridoo) and clapsticks and song and started to play. This is the first song. It's called Wardbukkarra.

The Na-yah-yunghi began outside and had to live in shelters they made for themselves.

Now in those days sound worked differently. If someone was talking a mile away you could still hear them clearly, not like today. In this way the Na-yah-yunghi, who were a long way away, heard that Nar-man-de song and it astonished them because they didn't really have good music yet. But there was one wise old man Na-yah-yunghi fella who understood what it was. This was the first sound Bininj people ever heard, that song.

At the start both Nar-man-de and the Na-yahyunghi mobs were similar to Bininj today. But then something happened and the Nar-man-de went bad.

The Nar-man-de, some Bininj people call them Mimi, they owned all of the animals in the rock country and thought of them as their pets. The Nar-man-de saw the Na-yahyunghi hunting their animals and didn't like this. So they thought that they'd start hunting the Na-yah-yunghi.

That's how they are thought to have become cannibals.

The Na-marn-de would hunt Bininj like the Bininj hunted wallaby or barramundi.

Two Na-marn-de captured a Bininj boy who was almost at initiation age. They tied up this young fella and bit his cheek to taste him, because they were cannibals.

The Na-marn-de got very excited because they thought this young fella was good meat and they planned a huge feast for that night. But the young fella escaped and ran back to the Bininj camp and told his mob what had happened.

The young fella's father got painted up in Bininj camouflage and snuck up on the Na-marn-de camp. The Na-marn-de hadn't noticed that the young fella had escaped and they were all inside the cave singing and playing clapsticks and didgeridoo. They were very excited and having a big party getting ready to eat the young fella. The young fella's father was impressed at how good the Na-marn-de were at singing and playing instruments and dancing; he watched them in secret for a while.

But this old fella had had enough of the Na-marn-de mob killing the Bininj so he used his power to collapse the cave. All the rocks fell down and killed all of the Na-marn-de inside instantly. After this Bininj didn't have to worry about Na-marn-de again. The old man came back to the Bininj camp and told everyone what had happened. Then he showed them a new way of playing music that he had learned by watching the

The music of the Na-marn-de influenced the music of the Bininj. Sometimes they use their song in funeral ceremonies. Thanks to that lucky young fella's father, we have learned how to use something bad in a good way, a proper way.