Little J & Big Cuz

Logie winner for 'Most Outstanding Children's Show', Little J & Big Cuz provides a young Indigenous audience with relatable characters, as well as offers an insight into traditional Aboriginal culture, country and language.

Let's Play! Deeper Richer with ACER have designed Little J & Big Cuz educational games you can play with your kids.

Play: Following Tracks

You can find the tracks of lots of interesting animals in the desert. Match the tracks to the animals.

Play: Going Bush

Help Little J & Big Cuz find all the things that belong in the bush

Play: Little J's Collection

Little J loves collecting things. Find his favourite stuff and put it back in his box.

Play: Scene Builder

Drag and drop the objects to make a Little J picture.

Educational Resources.

Tips for getting your child/bub ready for big school.

Getting your child ready for school can be exciting and scary at the same time, especially if you are sending your child to school for the first time. ACER has provided some resources to help Parents and Carers through this process.

Little J & Big Cuz Educator Resources

The Little J & Big Cuz digital education resources provide support for Early Years (K-2) educators with ideas and options for including Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander knowledge, understanding and skills in their teaching and learning programs.