The newest Qantas jet has arrived from the United States in Sydney today as a part of their Indigenous Flying Art series campaign. NITV's Nancia Guivarra was on board as a guest of Qantas to document the historic occasion.
Nancia Guivarra

11 Nov 2013 - 4:27 PM  UPDATED 13 Nov 2013 - 10:52 AM

The new aircraft, entitled Mendoowoorrji or Medicine Pocket, features the work of Gija artist Paddy Bedford.

The distinctive artwork was transferred to the jet by Balarinji designs at the Boeing factory in Seattle.

Prior to leaving the US, guests were given a tour guided by Qantas’ first international Indigenous Ambassador, Adam Goodes.

The aircraft was also given a Gija blessing before take-off.

On board the Boeing 737 800, guests included the deceased artist's Gija family, Adam Goodes, the Balarinji team, representatives from Paddy Bedford’s estate, Australia's National Gallery and Supply Nation CEO Charles Prouse. 

The first to emerge from the 20-hour flight were the artist’s family members, including daughter Kathy Watson, cousin Mona Ramsay and niece Shirley Purdie.

They were welcomed by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and a celebratory party of 200 VIP's in hanger 96 of Sydney International airport.

An exhibition of selected works of Paddy Bedford will open in Melbourne tomorrow at the William Mora Gallery.

Mendoowoorrji will begin 20 years of service for an estimated 5 million people domestically from the end of this week.