• Governor-General Quentin Bryce will finish her term in March, 2014.
As Peter Cosgrove prepares for his role as Australia’s newly elected Governor General, NITV News takes a look back at the legacy of Honorable Quentin Bryce.
Brooke Boney

29 Jan 2014 - 5:23 PM  UPDATED 29 Jan 2014 - 8:27 PM

Quentin Bryce was the nation’s first female Governor General and well-known for her push for Australia to become a republic.

Her Excellency was appointed to the position of Governor General of Australia by Kevin Rudd in April 2008.

During her time as Governor General she has made a record number of visits to many Indigenous communities around the country.

Chief executive of the Puuya Foundation Denise Hagan says her impact in remote communities is immeasurable.

"She’s very down-to-earth, she can talk to anyone, she’s genuinely interested and committed to improving the situation for our first Australians," said Ms Hagan.

As the representative of the Queen in Australia, Ms Bryce has had many official obligations. She was the commander-in-chief of our military and responsible for the constitutional elements of elections and new governments.

However, her term will finish in March when General Peter Cosgrove takes over, and he too has expressed his desire to visit Indigenous communities.

"I think it would be a wonderful thing for Adam [Goodes] and I to go to see some of the stressed Indigenous communities, to see what there conditions are like," said Mr Cosgrove.