A Brisbane family is continuing its campaign to have a loved one released from an overcrowded, rundown prison in Bolivia.
6 Feb 2014 - 7:38 PM  UPDATED 6 Feb 2014 - 8:56 PM

Alana Miles has been in jail for nearly a year, suspected of cocaine trafficking in the South American country, but she has yet to be charged.

With the release of WA Noongar man Shayden Thorne from Saudi Arabia and the possible release of Shapelle Corby in Bali, Alana's sister, Kylie is hopeful of some good luck too.

"I'm always going to keep positive, because I believe, you know, I have to believe that's she's coming home," Kylie says.

"I have to believe that, and I am still the rock in my family, even though I'm struggling too. So for me, I will believe and I won't give up."

Kylie spends most of her time at the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts in Brisbane where she is studying acting and spends her spare time fighting for her sister's release.

Kylie says Alana was travelling the world after completing her schooling. She went to Bolivia to spend time with a foreign exchange student she knew in Australia.

The friend bought Alana a backpack to carry all her souvenirs. She was busted at the airport and the friend vanished.

"We don't know if he's still in Bolivia, we don't know where he is," Kylie Miles said.

"He might still be somethere else in the world right now, quite easily, he could have left that day.

"He could have been the person who carried the bigger amount of drugs though. We don't know."

Kylie says Alana has been jailed, but not charged.

The family has legal representation for Alana in Bolivia and raised almost $9000 for her case.

Kylie says her sister has been bullied by prison guards for maintaining her innocence. She says the Australian Government hasn't been helpful.

"I think because they knew she has a lawyer and that she was going to defend herself.

"So they would see that as...'she must have some worth if she has a lawyer and she's trying to fight back'."

In a statement to NITV News, the Department of Foreign Affairs says it is continuing to provide consular assistance to Alana.

"Consular staff from the Australian Embassy in Lima continue to provide consular assistance to Ms Miles...Since her arrest in Bolivia on 18 March 2013, Australian consular officials have visited Ms Miles four times in detention, most recently on 11 December 2013," the statement said.
DFAT says it expects Ms Miles to be afforded due process and is keeping the family informed of any developments.