The family of a Murri woman who lost her eye after being tasered in her Logan home is looking to take legal action against the officer involved.
7 Feb 2014 - 5:36 PM  UPDATED 7 Feb 2014 - 6:07 PM

The Oakley family haven’t left the bedside of Sheila Oakley, who is recovering at the Prince Alfred Hospital in Brisbane after she was tasered outside her home in the early hours of this morning.

Four police officers were seen arguing with Ms Oakley on her doorstep before a senior constable, reported to be a trainer in the use of tasers, deployed a weapon.

"Four police officers come to her the door. She comes out. First question is what are you doing here, and they tell her to drop the weapon. She puts it down and she's tasered in the eye. It happened that quick," said a spokesperson for the Oakley family, Abraham Saylor.

Witnesses from surrounding homes have said there was no warning before the taser was fired and that police were heavy-handed with Ms Oakley.

Queensland Police Service guidelines on taser use specifically warn of the risk of eye injuries.

The family says no amount of apology or compensation will bring back their sister’s eyesight and they want the officer involved removed from the police service.

"We want him stood down for now and then we want him sacked. Simple," said Mr Saylor. "You know we've had bad news from police up north already. I might be a bit too early to stick the knife at the moment, but you know, enough is enough."

The Logan Murri community is also looking to take action against the Queensland Police Service.

"Well local people are already talking about a mass community rally Tuesday or Wednesday, and then marching on the Logan Police Station because this woman and her family are very highly regarded and very highly respected, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from the community down there are just outraged, absolutely outraged," said Murri Watch Spokesman Sam Watson.

"There's been tensions before between members of the Indigenous community and the police services but this is going to escalate matters and it was totally unnecessary."