Divisions within the Northern Territory government have been denied by the Chief Minister following questioning in parliament on Tuesday.
25 Mar 2014 - 5:40 PM  UPDATED 25 Mar 2014 - 6:54 PM

Tension between the Country Liberal Party and its three bush members remains high as Alison Anderson, Larisa Lee, Francis Xavier continue to increase pressure on the party to deliver on crucial promises made during the last election.

Despite the ongoing lobbying, Chief Minister Adam Giles has denied any rifts.

Mr Giles played down any serious divisions during parliamentary sittings on Tuesday.

“The government is not in crisis,” he said.

“Sure I'm talking to the Member for Arnhem, the Member for Namatijira, the Member for Arafura , but I talk to every single member here about what they want in their electorates”

Other members have spoken publicly on the issue, including Speaker Kezia Purick and Gary Higgins.

“I think the thing that has held us back at this stage is the Blain by-election,” Mr Higgins told NITV News.

“I think that once that was out of the way we'd definitely take that step, but I think Alison is really forcing people like myself to take this stand.”

Sittings continue in the Northern Territory Parliament this week.