Two Perth-based musicians are preparing to launch their first album almost entirely in the Noongar language.
Craig Quartermaine

27 Mar 2014 - 4:00 PM  UPDATED 28 Mar 2014 - 3:57 PM

Musicians Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse have partnered to produce their first album in the Noongar language.

Entitled ‘Kalyakoorl’, the album will combine modern music and traditional Aboriginal culture.

"The idea of writing songs in-language was a great idea because I figured it was something I could teach my kids," said Miss Williams, who is Aboriginal.

"What’s happened out of that is we've found that there is a much wider appeal, people are genuinely interested."

Guy Ghouse's passion for the project came from his involvement in the Indigenous community.

"This goes beyond the music. The content is what’s really important, what we’re doing here," said Mr Ghouse.

"The Noongar language, treating it in a way that puts it into these songs, but doing it respectfully and correctly - so doing the research and making sure these songs are treated right."

The duo understands the importance of retaining Aboriginal language and preventing its further extinction.

"It's a very rare language. My understanding is there are less than 250 full speakers left," said Miss Williams.

“Every time we lose an elder in our community we run a real risk of losing an entire dialect."

The album will be released in Freemantle on April 4.