• Workshop participant and Torres Strait Islander, Diana Namok.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family support agencies are among many organisations facing budget cuts from the federal government in May.
30 Apr 2014 - 5:07 PM  UPDATED 30 Apr 2014 - 8:26 PM

The Ganyjuu Family Support Centre is one Brisbane-based support agency funded by the Queensland government.

This week, grandmothers from Logan gathered at the centre for a monthly cook-off to support young Indigenous children.

The cooking workshops teach household skills and good nutrition.

“The grandparents - well this is what the program is - the grandparents, raising their grannies, and they are actually in charge of their kids, they've got their kids in their care," said Ganyjuu Community Programs Manager, Celia Moore.

"The parents can't look after them at the present time for whatever reason, it might be an illness it might be a range of things and so grandparents do the thing and that's their responsibility so they take that up.”

Torres Strait Islander Diana Namok has lived in Logan for 30 years and says the workshops also act as social events for the grandmothers involved.

“Cooking and meet all other grannies and be one friend, that's the main thing about it. To be one, stand one and unite one, that's the main thing about it,” Mrs Namok said.

The Ganyjuu Family Support Centre is one of 38 Indigenous Children and Family Centres across the nation established under the Council of Australian Governments Agreement to target early childhood development.

Centres in Queensland will be funded by the Queensland Government for the next year.

“But one thing that they've clearly stated is that there's no new money, and so what that's going to mean for all the current services that we provide is we’re in ‘no man's land’," Ganyjuu CEO, Karen Dawson said.

"I guess all we can do is lobby government, our MPs, and provide evidence of our deadly services that all the support services across the nation are providing to our communities."

The Federal Budget will be released on May 13.