• Members of the Wagana Aboriginal Dance Troupe: Holly Lee, Jo Clancy, Nikita Parker, Becky Chatfield, Jess Oehm.
The Wagana Aboriginal Dance troupe has been invited to share a glimpse of culture at this year's Commonwealth Games in Scotland.
Tara Callinan

13 Jun 2014 - 4:28 PM  UPDATED 13 Jun 2014 - 7:17 PM

Seven Indigenous dancers from New South Wales will participate in the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival in Glasgow next month.

They will present their work, named "Bangalang," which means "autumn" in Wiradjuri language.

Their performance will combine dance, art and native tongue to reflect the role of the emu during that season.

“One of the things I've used for the beat is actually the drum roll of the emu,” said songwriter Jacinta Tobin.

Director of Wagana, Jo Clancy, explained further:

“They dance emu because at that time emu are laying their eggs and you can see her image in the Southern Cross under the sky, which is what Chris has painted for us."

“We're looked after by the Great Spirit and the culture heroes of the country, this represented by the emu in the sky over the spirit babies,” said artist, Chris Tobin.

For all dancers, this trip will mark their first time overseas.

But they wouldn’t be going without the support of community members who have helped raise a total of $38,000.

They will showcase their work for the final time on June 29 at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre in Katoomba.