Renowned journalist Stan Grant has given his strongest indication yet that he will enter Federal Politics.
Ryan Liddle

22 Feb 2016 - 2:05 PM  UPDATED 22 Feb 2016 - 2:38 PM

Speaking to ABC Radio’s Fran Kelly this morning about his upcoming book launch, Stan was also quizzed over the upcoming election.

When asked how the nation dealt with the issues that affect Indigenous Australians, Stan replied, “how do we deal with this unless we [Indigenous Australians] are involved in the solutions, unless we are involved at the coalface where policy is made and laws are made.” 

In response to a direct question of who he would run with if he did decide to enter politics Grant answered, “you know I, really haven’t even decided that, I’ve talked to all sides. I want to look at what I can do to make a difference"

After an illustrious television career reporting for CNN in the Middle-East and Asia, Stan has turned his attention to local issues in recent years, fronting NITV’s 'Awaken' program, and also appearing on Sky News as their International Editor.

Grant's profile was further boosted after penning a series of articles for 'The Guardian'. His address to the IQ2 Debate series went viral with close to 1 million views on Facebook.

Stan’s latest book, ‘Talking to My Country’ describes the pain he felt growing up and living with intergenerational trauma. It has been described as part social commentary and part memoir.

When asked how he overcame diversity he replied, "I’m standing here today because Indigenous people have opted in to this country, despite being told time and time again that we didn’t belong and that we were excluded.”

The book also discusses the challenges faced when reporting from war and disaster zones, and the psychological impact it can have.

Grant also reflects on the Australian way of life, race and our national identity.

Stan Grant will launch his book titled, ’Talking to my country’ at Monday's  National Press Club address.  

Stan Grant: The journey so far
Walkley Award winner Stan Grant is today launching his new book, ‘Talking to My Country’, at the National Press Club in Canberra. NITV looks back at the life of one of Australia’s most celebrated Indigenous broadcasters.