• "I have been brought up knowing my culture and our history": Shea Taylor. (Shea Taylor)Source: Shea Taylor
CANDIDATE PROFILE | For the Australian Christians Party's Queensland candidate, a treaty will provide the best outcomes for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.
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18 May 2016 - 3:22 PM  UPDATED 18 May 2016 - 3:23 PM

Name: Shea Taylor from the Koenpil people of the Yuggera Nation of North Stradbroke Island

Age: 39

Electorate: Queensland - Federal Senate Candidate

Political affiliation: Australian Christians Party

1. Why are you running?

I have been feeling dissatisfied with the previous governments, and feel that the major parties have lost their way in representing all people in Australia.

I also feel that their Indigenous policies are not in the best interest of Indigenous Australians, and have left us vulnerable and without a voice. I feel I can be a voice in parliament for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and affect long lasting positive changes.

I also feel that the governments have been leading the states and nations down a morally corrupt pathway and traditional Australian values that are in sync with our cultural values are being eroded.

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2. What do you want to achieve?

I would like to implement more specific and beneficial bipartisan policies that will benefit Indigenous Australians such as:

- a less expensive, fairer and more streamlined Native Title process

- strategies that actively reduce the cost of fresh foods to remote communities

- strategies that successfully engage Indigenous children in gaining good educational opportunities

- removing the blanket implementation of the basics card

I would also like to achieve outcomes:

- that strengthen and support the family unit of all Australians, as strong families are the foundational fabric of all societies

- uphold the legal, spiritual and cultural definition of marriage as it currently stands

- changes to the current Family Law and Child Support legislation -promote the pro-life view on abortion

3. Is your Aboriginality important in deciding what policies you want to pursue?

Absolutely. I am an Aboriginal man from the Koenpil people of the Yuggera Nation of North Stradbroke Island and surrounding area. I have been brought up knowing my culture and our history in the area, as well as a well-balanced and honest view of Australian history.

If I am elected I will represent the people of Qld in the Federal Senate.

That includes our Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander peoples, as well as our non-Indigenous peoples.

4. Treaty, Sovereignty or Recognition?

I will advocate for a treaty. I feel that a treaty will be far more beneficial to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia culturally, spiritually, economically etc.

I feel the benefits would flow right across the board for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

5. It's July 3, the day after the election, and you have been elected, what is the first thing that you want to get a move on?

After the establishing of an office, manned by effective and efficient staff, I would reconnect with Indigenous communities, as well as other supporter groups as a Senator, to have further discussions to establish issues before parliament meets.

I would then strategise and pursue the aforementioned issues through the Federal Parliament. 

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