• "First and foremost, my platform will always be to fight for the rights of Our Peoples": Ken Canning. (Ken Canning)Source: Ken Canning
CANDIDATE PROFILE | 'Sovereignty and this will come in many forms that has to be decided by Our Peoples,' is the clear message from Socialist Alliance candidate Ken Canning.
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20 May 2016 - 2:24 PM  UPDATED 20 May 2016 - 2:37 PM

Name: Ken Canning from the Kunja Clan of the Bidjara Nation in South West Queensland

Age: 63

Electorate: Sydney

Political affiliation: Socialist Alliance

1. Why are you running?

It is obvious that the duopoly that is the LNP and Labor is totally out of touch and simply does not work.

This parliament whether it be in the Senate or Lower House needs some new thought, this old system of thinking is tired and worn out.

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2. What do you want to achieve?

I want to challenge the colonial mentality that is still very much a part of our parliamentary system. I want these callous politicians from all parties to be held accountable for the deaths via legislation that First Nations Peoples are subjected to.

3. Is your Aboriginality important in deciding what policies you want to pursue?

First and foremost, my platform will always be to fight for the rights of Our Peoples.

Having said that, to smash the colonial mentality of all parliaments of Australia is to smash the very same mentality that is keeping all disenfranchised groups in our society oppressed.

Time to stop the rot. In this era governments have not only continued the wars on Aboriginal Peoples but have declared a social and physical war on many other sectors of the people who now make up our society.

It seems if you are NOT a wealthy Anglo male in Australia today you are considered an enemy.

We have a media that has sold itself to the highest corporate body who in turn have complete control over our politicians.

This social war waged by the elitists in our society must cease, innocent lives are at risk from a governments who are merely slaves to large corporations.

The fact that almost 500 major corporations pay NO taxes at all bears testament to actually who is running this country.

4. Treaty, Sovereignty or Recognition?

Sovereignty and this will come in many forms that has to be decided by Our Peoples and not some selected governmental body. We have to determine what shape Sovereignty will take.

A definite massive NO to recognition. This is the biggest governmental con in many a year, with in excess of 80 percent of ATSI Peoples opposed to it.

Look at the corporate sponsors behind the big 'R' and questions must be asked. What is their agenda? Certainly not a humane one that is for sure.

This is a complex issue but this debate has been one-sided in the debate so far. Turnbull announced another $15 million towards the big 'R'.

Where are the funds for the dissenting voices? None to date. I think that says a lot about the con of CONstitutional Recognition.

5. It’s July 3, the day after the election, and you have been elected, what is the first thing that you want to get a move on?

The first thing I move on is to continue to question both sides of politics on the genocidal policies towards Aboriginal Peoples.

Why are they continuing with forced removals when the UN's declaration into the rights of Indigenous Peoples states very clearly that if a country continues to move Indigenous Peoples from their lands, they will die.

Our governments know this, yet allows it to happen. To know in advance deaths will occur is tantamount to murder. We have overtaken African Americans as the most incarcerated peoples in the world with the highest deaths in custody rates.

Since the illegal NT Intervention, Our Peoples suicide rate have increased by a massive 500 percent.

Since the Rudd apology, our stolen generations are now at the highest of any other time in our history, with an increase of an unacceptable 400 percent.

This is genocide via government policy and it must be seen as this by our politicians, and they must be held accountable.

This is a parliament out of control and surely needs to be reigned in.

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