• Andrew Bolt on The Bolt Report. (Twitter)Source: Twitter
On a Sky News panel discussing the Senator's announcement on Tuesday night, Andrew Bolt labeled Nova Peris a 'disgrace' for not contesting her seat in the upcoming 2016 election.
25 May 2016 - 5:20 PM  UPDATED 25 May 2016 - 8:27 PM

"For her now to bail, three years later in the middle of an election campaign, sort of raising stereotypes of 'not sticking to it, going walkabout,' all that kind of thing, is a disgrace, is an absolute disgrace on her part," Mr Bolt said.

He then said Ms Peris represented "race politics" and asked if "race politics" had become "a new kind of racism".

Mr Bolt again raised the issue of Ms Peris leaving in a live interview on 'The Bolt Report' with Warren Mundine, the chairman of the Australian Government's Indigenous Advisory Council.

"Doesn't this actually feed a negative stereotype, you know that ancient one, that Aboriginals not really sticking to it? When you know that's false, and she's let the team down?" he asked.

Mr Mundine said the stereotype was "false". 

"You see people around the country are working hard and doing a great job," Mr Mundine told Mr Bolt. 

"This was just a one-off." 

Bolt comment is 'nonsense'

Arrernte woman Pat Turner says Bolt's description is "nonsense".

"Look, politicians leave office for many different reasons and Nova is no different," she says. 

"She has made her decision in careful consultation with her family and I respect her right to do that."

Ms Turner says Indigenous politicians still face hurdles of racism and discrimination. 

"All the more reason, why we need our people representing us in parliaments throughout Australia, and especially in the federal parliament."